Back up …Again

Get yourself back up…AGAIN!!! This thought ran through my mind many times this week. As many people in the United States found…the weather might not have been our best friend. Thankfully where I live I did not get snow but I did get rain! And yes for those of us suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis and/or Fibromyalgia….rain or inclement weather in general does not help us feel good at all! I remember several days this week (because many times we can feel the weather changing even before the weather does change)…I was mentally screaming at myself like a coach might….get up!! get up!!!

Functioning with pain is so hard!! The pain can cloud your can make even thinking about moving seem like a major major chore. I think Thursday felt like the worst day! The pollen outside was horrible..making my nose all stopped up and then I could feel a weather change coming. The day just drug on…the pain not ending! I wondered really….seriously…how am I supposed to function when I feel like utter crap!! I moved mentally and physically so slow!

Thankfully Friday was a little better but then Saturday yet another flare and so here I sit today, Sunday, still aching….yet still screaming at myself to get back up…again!! I have come to understand that I will fall down mentally and sometimes emotionally many different times of the day (yes in one day) but the key is not to get upset that I had to take a moment and cry about how much I hurt. The key is to just get back up and fight again!

This week I reminded myself of all I am working for….this degree, a future job, a career in higher education, a family and much more. I have a lot of good I can do….but that does not mean I have to be superwoman. I can acknowledge my pain, I can cry because it hurts so bad, and I can rest when I need to rest because things will work out.  For me, my faith keeps me going, and through my faith I acknowledge that life is held in bigger hands than mine. Sometimes I forget but the truth of the matter is that for me… I believe things will work out. My participants for my study will come, and I will be able to get all this homework done. That does not mean though that  I do nothing, I have to carry my weight and do my part. But there are just some things in this universe that I cannot control…and for those things I have trust, I have faith and I have hope that all things will work out for good. I might not see that good today, tomorrow or the next day but I believe things will be good.

So despite my pain, my horrid, tiring, exhausting, pain….I am going to get back up and go back to the paper I was working on. Because I planned ahead I can do pieces here and there and still get something quality turned in on time! 🙂 Focus on something, and get back up…we are waiting on you!


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