Almost to the finish line!! I sat in my last class of the semester on Wednesday…boy did it feel good to leave the campus and know I wouldn’t be back until June!! Now I have finished my first draft of my completed paper that I will be turning in on Wednesday. I have a few more corrections to make to it and then I will turn it in for a grade. AND THEN I will keep working on it…getting it ready to get it journal ready and ready to add more to it over the summer. I have already contacted people to do round #2. YAY!

I will also be working on my first study to get it journal ready. I have to redo some tables and cut/edit/add a few things. My goal is to have it ready for a conference proposal that unlocks in May and closes in July. I want to get that in!! AND THEN off to work on another proposal that is due in September. YES a busy few weeks before classes begin again.

But before then I will get this paper finished, and off to my professor. Then I will take a night or two to rest!! My hubby and I went to celebrate at Outback last night. It felt good given the hectic day(s)/weeks we have had this semester.

WOOHOOO!! Almost done 🙂 Hanging in there!!!


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