It is such a great feeling to say that SPRING 2013 is DONE!! The last paper has been submitted to my professor…final grades are to be posted by the 13th…and now I can come home tomorrow and say I”m done! 🙂 My goal is to rest for a few days…to regain some of my energy and then back into the research I go. I have to prep a study for publication and conduct a few more statistical analysis. And then I am prepping this study to go on to round two. I also want to find some good quantitative studies for a secondary analysis project. So yes a lot of things to do but it is nice to do it on my schedule and not on a time table for class.

The summer holds a second round of statistics and an internship class. Both will  keep me pretty busy but I hope that they both won’t be as hard as my first summer in the doctoral program. Boy was that rough! If I keep my nose in the books….I should be ok… I hope!!

I am proud to say I’ve finished this semester…despite the Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. You know the days that are so hard to get up…the days that just getting dressed and brushing my hair…those days where just doing those small things is just unbearable. The lack of sleep…the studying…it is good to know that it is worth it. This time next year I will be finishing my VERY LAST class! YES my very last classes of more than 10 years of studying! WOOHOO!! That is a major plus…that is what keeps me going!

So tonight I am off to rest and relax…so very thankful that I managed to finish this round of classes! I did not do it alone… I did it through the love and support of my husband, my closest friends…and of course my Molly, Precious and Pepper! If you think because you have RA and Fibro that you cannot have a life…you are mistaken. It will not be the life you want…it will be a painful life…but if can be a life that you still accomplish your dreams. One slow step at a time! I encourage you to remain focused on something that gets you up in the morning! The days you feel so alone (because yes we ALL have them) seek out a friend (email me) and get through that dark hard day. We can still change the world! We will change the world despite our INVISIBLE ILLNESS!!

#spoonie, #squeaker, #fighter, #Icandothis! And much more! Tonight is to us…we all fought this road together…congrats to finishing this semester, these past few months, the past few years…lets see what the summer holds for us!


5 thoughts on “DONE!!!

  1. That’s the power! 🙂 RA was once my worst enemy. It made my life miserable for 6 long years. My love for tennis began when I was 8. I joined the tennis team when I was in college as I was confident enough but I didn’t know that I was candidate for RA that time. My tennis coach advised me to have stem cell treatment, but as a student, I didn’t have much money for a therapy. To cut the story short, I spent my college days with RA and it was only after college that I was able to save enough money and had a stem cell treatment. I had it with Dr Grossman, an orthopedic surgeon (referred by one of my tennis buddies). He scheduled me for 7 weeks of treatment and so far, after my last session I never had serious problems with my joints again. I admire your courage and I hope you will be able to find the best solution for your RA too.

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