One word!

One word comes to mind….PAIN!!!! My body has been wracked with major flares these past few weeks….these last few days have been the worst. Just touching my skin brings shear pain 😦 not sure if all the pushing this semester finally caught up to me…or just the weather etc. On top of that my allergies/sinuses have been acting up…yes not fun!!!!

That said it did mange to drag myself out of bed for some major appointments this weekend. I went to Ulta and had a keratin treatment put in. My hair is falling out so bad (thanks Arava), I started taking folic acid. But I was told an intense keratin treatment might help. Why not try??? So I did. Then I sat and watched my hubby test for his blue belt in Kuk Sool Won! I was not going to miss a test. The chairs were soooo painful…my hips were killing me…but I made it through. To reward myself I changed up my nail color (pics soon)!

Then I went home and slept….yet I woke up feeling exhausted. Have you had mono before?? That is how I felt (I have chronic mono…maybe it was acting up again). I am getting a lot of blood work this week….eeekk the vampire people again! Praying my veins hold up!!!! Thanks to Arava my veins are brittle and tend to blow often!

Hugs and spoons as I close! Don’t give up on your dreams…focus through the searing torturous pain! I wish I knew why we had to suffer…I don’t! But stick through it and we can still make a life for ourselves! Your #spoonie #squeaker friend 🙂

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