Do you ever feel like you have to plan your life because of your RA or Fibro??? I so do!!! I know that some days I won’t have energy…some days I might only have a little energy. Because of that I have recognized the importance to planning. For me that means working through breaks so I’m ahead. And learning to have a RA/Fibro academic LIFESTYLE!!!

My dream is to finish my doctorate and go straight into an academic professor position. To get that job….I have to work now to make major strides. But I have to keep always in my focus the I will be doing this with some other things to account for—my invisible needs! Does this mean I cannot do it??? Not at al! This means I will have to plan, work hard, and rest! Balance!

I really focused on that today because I went to bed about 1a.m….and made it out of bed close to 12p.m.. I slept and I rested. I have a lot on my to do list but my biggest to do is to take care of myself. The Imuran is wearing me out…major fatigue and tummy issues…but I’m pushing on!

2 thoughts on “Preparing

  1. I’m only beginning to learn how to find that balance…sometimes I go to bed at 7 pm…with the alarm set for 6 am…other people I know don’t understand this, but that’s just what I have to do to make it thru the next day.

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