A Great Loss

This morning was shattered, parts of me wishes I could just rewind the past we days. I woke up to a telephone call from a number i didn’t recognize. Groggily I handed the phone to my husband. As I listened to the person talking, tears started pouring out.

My beautiful Molly was boarded this weekend while we went on a small vacation. We boarded her at our vets office, the technician let her out to play. She was not on leash…and she got out through a hole in their fence. She ran into the six lane highway (where most are going upwards of 60mph) and was struck by a car. A car going at upwards of 60 mph….on a 9 pound dog, Molly was killed instantly.

The grief and pain I feel at the moment is overwhelming. The shock of the phone call still rings in my ears. My body is flaring…every joint aches and my Fibro is screaming in my body. I am so angry that a professionals negligence killed my dog. I, a non animal trained person, knew that she could get out of the tiniest hole, I would not let her off lease in my yard until I felt it was safe. A persons carelessness, a professionals negligence….cost my family our baby.

Our hurt is so great…it is hard to imagine Molly wont be curled up on my legs anymore. She won’t be following me around the house. So many could haves or should have or why didn’t I….

Molly we love you and are so sorry we couldn’t keep you safe





7 thoughts on “A Great Loss

  1. What a tragedy. I feel your pain and sending you my deepest condolences. The loss of one of my little dogs in such circumstances would devastate me as it has devastated you.

    We are so vigilant when it comes to containing our dogs (rescued Chihuahuas and a Pomeranian) within our fences or on leads because we know they would be inclined to do as Molly did and escape to look for us. Despite the fact the fencing goes into the ground to prevent escape by digging, on two occasions the Pom has managed to squeeze through a tiny hole in the fence, holes we didn’t even know existed and we did check for them. We live on acreage and our dogs are not road smart at all. Each time we were home and on top of the situation instantly. We ran down our driveway towards the main one and got him back. Twice we gave thanks with tears flowing.

    I know it’s difficult to give up your anger but I encourage you to do so. Anger only poisons us internally and you don’t need that kind of poison along with the grief. demand your money back and make it clear that you will never recommend that anyone boards their dog at that vet’s place. Then create a memorial album and celebrate Molly’s life and all the memories you made together.


    1. Thank you! We def did that at our house, Molly was such an explorer. As a Jack Russell, trees and things around the yard so loved to poke her nose.

      I also agree, we will grieve Molly and move one. I want no one to go through this. We will be finding a new vet for our other girls (2 cats).

      I appreciate your message, thank you for it

  2. Again, just want to say I’m so sorry for your loss. I looked at your pics and tears just flowed, such a precious dog (child). I hurt for your friend and want to give you a big hug. I pray for God’s peace and comfort during this very difficult time! Love you!

  3. I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss. I know I’ve already posted a couple times on FB, but I had to let you know that I’m thinking of you & sending you prayers & healing energy. I snuggled up with my Molly and gave her lots of extra love this weekend. I hope you can find peace & get some closure from the vet’s office. Hugs

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