Yes….it is real

Time feels as if it has slowed down to just a crawl. It feels like yesterday that we were woken to a phone call…that changed our world. We have since come home…I am at this very minute sitting in my office. I’m contemplating the last few days..the house feels sooo lonely. The girls, Precious and Pepper, can sense something is off. Precious cried all around the house…Pepper cried as she curled up on all the pets favorite spot on the couch.

When I walked inside the house yesterday, it broke my heart to collect Molly’s toys…and to pick up her bed. The blankets still smelled like her…I smiled as I thought of her running all over the house. Jumping on our bed…following me around the house. I walked through the house and caught myself glancing behind me…like I used see if she was behind me…she wasn’t.

I slept last night curled up next to two large stuffed animals. It helped the pain a little bit but they weren’t as warm as she was….nor did they jump up and down the bed…licking my ears because they wanted to get up. The ache hurts my heart…it makes me wish I could just rewind time (don’t we all right). I wished all Sunday to get a phone call explaining the mistake….but that phone call did not come.

This morning, hubby and I went to the vet.  We picked out a pretty white (ivory) urn for Molly. She will be individually cremated (gosh didn’t know there were so many decisions to make) and then returned to us within a week. I think I will keep her in my office…at least until we find a perfect spot to let her ashes go. We also asked for molds to be made of her paws. They are going to have those returned to us next week.

Most of last night I battled with…do I want to see her. Part of my mind keeps replaying just seeing her bound across the high way…and that car hitting her so hard. I don’t think she suffered, the vet believes she died instantly..I hope she didn’t even know what hit her. But part of me still wanted to see her one more time…to hold her one more time…to kiss her and tell her I loved her one more time. But then part of me didn’t want to remember her that way….I wanted to remember her as she was to me…bouncy, loving, running around the house..and being the perfect little angel. In the end, today I couldn’t bring myself to see her as she was left. I will keep the image of her happy self in my mind and when her ashes are returned, at least that will close our relationship with the vet’s office…and we can start to heal.

I have lost pets in my life  growing up as a kid. But you know now…knowing with my Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromylgia…we have decided kids are not in our future. The risks/the meds…we have now made our furry kids our kids. We have made Precious, Pepper and Molly our little kids that are always at home when we get home. And it tears my heart that I lost one of my babies.

Some have said…well she is just a dog…but she was more than just a dog to me, to us. She was a bundle of joy…and it ripped my heart out to hear that she was gone.

As can be expected my Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis have flared. But I added some vitamin C and Zinc to my diet. I hope that helps me. And today I took off work to go to the vet’s office, rest, and try to prepare myself emotionally for this week. Classes are beginning…as of Thursday. I have so much to do. Do we have time to grieve…no we never have time to grieve. Do we have to grieve? Yes we have to hurt, we have to ache, we have to cry, and we have to scream….we have to in order to heal.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight…healing takes days…months…years…a lifetime. My Dad died 5 years and 1 month to the day that Molly died. Even though it was 5 years and 1 month ago…I felt my loss of my Dad so much while I felt the loss of Molly. You never truly forget…or heal…but I believe that you can get to a point where you can smile again.

Will my life stop? No it won’t…I will get to class on Monday..I will focus..I will right…I will finish this dream and one day…Lord willing be Dr. Tucker. But I will still hurt and I will still carry the memories of my Dad and my perfect little angel. Both are gone too soon…but I will take what I learned and felt with them to become a better doctor, a better professor, a better researcher, and a better advocator.

To the many who have emailed, texted, messaged, and replied your condolences for my loss. Thank you! It helped me so much on Sunday to know we were not alone in our grief. Your words helped us,your prayers are carrying us.

Thank you for listening, thank you for understanding!

Molly, you gave us joy…you gave us life…you kept us going around the house. You were so perfect for me and Matt. We grew together with you as a our middle child.  You were just learning to go to the bathroom outside when you were told (FINALLY)…I think God is appreciating that. I loved your tricks, I loved your dresses, I loved how you came running as soon as I was in the door (wow Wed. nights are going to won’t be waiting for me), and you were always following me around the house. I came to expect you in bed with me, to watch me in the bathroom, to sitting next to me in the office, and your pouncing on me when I sat on the couch. I miss you angel. I love you so much!


PSS Precious and Pepper say they love you and miss you!


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6 thoughts on “Yes….it is real

  1. What a beautifully written tribute to your precious Molly. I’ve had people say the same thing to me when I’ve lost one of my cats…”well, it was just an animal”…but we know they become so much more to us…they become part of our family, of our lives…grieve for however long you need to, don’t let anyone tell you how long is long enough. And just think, now your dad and Molly are together…romping around, playing, waiting for you to join them…hugs to you…

  2. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. My heart swelled with grief and tears welled in my eyes and trickled down my cheeks as I read your post. I know how you feel, both with pets and human family members. My last grandpa passed a year ago on 27 February, just days after my birthday, which is also his wife’s birthday, on 22 February. Your one dog, oh his big eyes reflected the pain of missing his friend so much. I do hope you can find some comfort soon and feel better. The pain does strike deep and hard and takes a long time to mend. I know you get sick of hearing of condolences from people; I too got sick of hearing them on the day of my grandpa’s funeral…it is just that people don’t know what else to say. They kinda know what you feel but everyone feels and deals with grief and loss differently. Plz find some comfort in the fact that your Molly is in heaven with Christ and all other pets that have passed, like my horse and my three rabbits and my dogs. I think they shall become fast friends. She would like my grandpa. My grandpa is up there with his dog, Mandy, and I bet Mandy is giving Molly the grand tour…oh I’ve done it now for I am now crying too on this end. I’ve not thought of my grandpa since my birthday :/ God bless and my prayers are with you are yours xo

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Molly 😦 I know how hard it can be. Two of my closest friends had pets we got attached to. When we lost the cute pets, it was heartbreaking. It took us a lot of time to adjust to their absence. So though I do not have a pet dog / cat (I have fishes), I can understand a bit what you are going through. God Bless Molly’s soul. Pls take care of tiyr health. Vit C, zinc and taking a day off were good decisions. Hope you feel better soon.
    Warm Hugs

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