The Day Came

The day finally arrived…Molly is home. It was the phone call I did not want to get …but at the same time I did so I would never have to go to that vet’s office again. It seemed surreal walking in and asking for Molly’s remains. Her little urn is a simply pretty ivory…her paw mold was decorated with a butterfly and a heart. She has flown away but she is forever ever in our hearts…and for a touch of the princess that she was….her paw was covered in glitter. It seemed fitting for a doll that had my heart. We also received some wonderful cards from caring friends…THANK YOU!

Tears …yes there were many tears today! But now I’m back to my desk…typing away and hoping that I can get more statistics homework done. My goal is to get through another chapter before I rest…or maybe I will rest and then get to the other chapter tomorrow. Oh the battle! It is hard to believe though that in a year…this homework/classwork will be DONE! By then 11 years of education will be behind me! 11 years! I have been in school since 2003…and it is sad…but exciting that soon (light at the end of the tunnel) I will be done!

But then you know comes the planning (PRAYING) that I get a job! The economy isn’t that great…and yes that is a major worry!  But you know, if I work hard…at least I know I will be competitive so despite my pain…I must remain focused. 🙂


IMG_4794 IMG_4793 IMG_4792 IMG_4791



3 thoughts on “The Day Came

  1. Sorry for your loss. We had to put down our “Poochie” a couple of Months ago and it still hurts. May God bless you!!

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