Moving forward

Moving forward seems like it should be easy but it is not…at least not as easy as our minds and hearts want it to be. However, it is our reality…we (individually) have to walk through making a new reality…a reality with out our loved one. And no matter what any one tells you..there is no time/date/etc. that works for everyone. Some might need months, other years…and others it will come and go. Some days alright, some days really sad…and some days just blah! The reality is we all deal with our loss…individually!

I think sometimes that is the hardest concept of acceptance. It is hard because it is so one is the same!! Today, partly to help mend my heart and partly because my Precious went to the vet today and we were told she was almost obese (she weights 13.5 pounds) and needs to go on a diet.  I went to the pet store to see what wet food/diet food options that they had so we can get an idea of what we are going to do. The place we went…was doing dog and cat adoptions. Some of the dogs were cute..and others were great dogs but just didn’t tug at my heart. I did find one little thing, an adorable 2 yr old Norfolk Terrier/Lhapso (?) mix that needed some love. We walked her, hugged on her, played with her, and got some doggy kisses. She was so sweet and such a gem. I hated she didn’t have a home…maybe …we will see…she was a doll but who knows…we are just not sure yet.

I rested today…I took a 3hr nap…which means I am still up now..well past midnight. But the good news is I am trucking along with homework! YAY!! I am going to do a little more before I head to bed. I want to make sure to make it to service tomorrow. I want to be surrounded by friends and new family when we mark the one week since Molly. It has been one rough week!

I added Vitamin C and Zinc to my number ( and yes NUMBER) of pills that I take. I think my body can use the extra boost..being drained emotionally can cause an additional physical drain. And with an intense summer load (Multivariate Stats and Internship) I do not want to get sick!!!! That would be sooo bad! So here is to crossing fingers that I don’t get a cold this semester! PLEASE NO COLD!!!  Goodness, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia are enough!!! It all goes back to balance right 🙂


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