Last Day!!!!!

Yup…while the semester officially started on Thursday….tonight is actually my last night before I “officially” go for classes! Tomorrow, I head for my first internship meeting, that is my orientation session, and then Wednesday night I have my first “class” in multivariate statistics. I had hoped last weekend would be a refreshing weekend….but that did not happen. So tonight I’m thinking of doing one more chapter of statistics and then get to “bed” early (so say 11:30-Midnight. That way I can relax a little before bed.

Tomorrow, after work I drive up to the campus then I have my orientation for an hour. I should be back home by 7:30-8:00p.m. I know I will be tired so I want to get as much as the “heavy lifting” done now so I can be a little less stressed tomorrow night. And the good news, this summer I will only have one class on Wednesday nights!! YAY! So instead of going to class 4:30 – 9:50p.m. I will only have class from 4:30 – 7:10p.m. YAY!!!!! That means every night after class..instead of getting home close to 11:30-Midnight I will be getting home by 8:30 – 9:00p.m. WHEW!! That will feel good!

Counting down…this will be last second to last summer class!! Next summer I will be taking proposal….my very LAST class!!! WOHOOO!!! 🙂 It feels like it was just yesterday that I started college as a 16 year old freshman! I was so young…so niave! Wow how much  I have grown up…how much I have learned about myself. I am most certainly not the same person today as I was then. I am way more mature, way more wordly experienced (in the sense that  I have seen how hard/harsh the world can be), and more realistic in my thinking.

I am thankful though, I was able to start a plan some 6-7 years ago…that has led me to here. While I know getting a tenure position might be difficult. I am willing to work hard and aim for it. Never will hard work not pay off! Your hard work might not pay off in the way you thought it would! Now that might happen…sure I might hope/plan for a tenure position and I end up an administrator some where. But my hard work will not be in vain! It will have earned an education. That will never be able to be taken away from me! An education that has helped shape me into who I am today.

You know…the truth of the matter is…not every one needs this much education. Heck some people can be very successful and HAPPY with no higher education. That is the great thing…we do not all need this education. But for me…my choice has been such a blessing. And I am extremely thankful that I have been able to have determination from within (i.e. resilience) to push through the Rheumatoid Arthritis/Fibromyalgia pain.

But honestly, that is one reason that I work ahead. One reason I keep going going going….because there will be some days….some nights where I have to rest. Some nights I have to come home and go to bed. And in order to do that…to do that and not suffer in my grades…I have to take advantage of the nights that I can work. I might not want to (like tonight) but you know what….I can do it…so I will push myself to do it! It is a sacrifice…it is my sacrifice…but with my sacrifice…there will be a gain!

I focus on the future…I focus on graduation night.  I will be so sad to have this journey over…I will be so heartbroken to be done…the life I have led the past 13 years will be done…BUT that’s it I will be done. So instead of stressing I want to enjoy this last official year of being in coursework! This time next year…I will be saying goodbye to coursework and hello to my straight dissertation hours! God will be there..he never leaves!

Speaking of my faith, I picked up a wonderful Bible study book this weekend. It is “Reclaiming Your Joy” I am looking forward to digging into it and seeing joy through my spiritual eyes. For those who have read my blog now (for the past few years) you faith…sustains me. Sometimes it feels like I’m walking in a dry dessert….sometimes it feels like I’m walking in a dark valley but regardless I still hold my God’s peace, my God’s patience, and my God’s hope in my heart!

Off to work on statistics and my other homework things tonight! Happy end of summer….Happy Summer 2013 semester! Happy last year of coursework! 🙂 Soon it will be Dr.!! Hang in there! 🙂


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