And then there came

And then there came a COLD!!! UGH!!  I hate hate hate colds. I started sneezing a lot yesterday and feeling my nose all stuffy. I thought it was because I missed my allergy medicine but NOOO! 😦 I woke up today feeling so rotten. The worst thing was I missed a party last night because I hoped and prayed that my feeling gross would stop with a nice long nap. Well it didn’t :(!!! ARGH!! Don’t you hate it when the colds just sneak up on you 😦

So anyways….I’m spending my night taking NyQuil Cold and Flu and hoping I can feel better by tomorrow when I have to go to work. 😦 Nothing like going to work with a cold but I hate missing work. And I think the office will be quiet at least a little quieter than normal …hopefully. Starting Tuesday I get to talk to our orientation students!!! I’m excited, I get to share with them a bit more about my Honors College that I work for 🙂 I will be talking to probably anywhere from 50 – 100 kids every Tuesday now through August! I love the idea…and it gives me more experience talking in front of strangers 🙂 With some practice…I should be really good by the end 😛

And tonight was one of the nights I am VERY THANKFUL I work ahead. I was not able to do much homework last night or today. In fact, I missed my usual writing time last night. I am usually in my office writing every night form about 7/8 until 1a.m. But last night I was in bed! Tonight I finished reading one chapter of my statistic (Whoop!) and now finishing up here. I might get one smaller thing done but I’m thinking I will probably head to bed.  Tomorrow,  I will take a nap and hope to work ahead a little bit more.

Future things for this week include creating a graduation and application timeline, typing up a research agenda, and researching universities. I also have to work on two conference proposals.  Plus study for classes! LOL! This cold needs to MOVE ON!! So I can get stuff done!!

I’m praying that your pain has eased some this weekend. Cold or no cold…I’m working on smiling and relaxing before the weekend ends!


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