We have the best intentions

We have the best intentions…I went to bed early…hoping that I would wake up feeling magically better! Of course that did not happen. Again I reached a crossroads of pushing my sick body to go into the office or keeping my sick body at home to rest. I made the very difficult choice again (and it is a very hard choice) to stay home. It is not like I do it often…but each time I hate doing it. I wish I could will my sick body to just heal now so I can go about doing what I want to do.

You know sometimes we forget some of the challenges of living with RA/Lupus/Fibro….at least some of the challenges like going to work. On many days I go in and out of the office. And I don’t realize how for some people like me…going into the office isn’t something they can do. I also realize when I’m sick that I have to take care of myself. I cannot always be all about work or all about pushing myself. That is easy to say and hard to do because honestly I really enjoying getting up on Monday mornings for work. Granted, right now I work part time but I do enjoy getting out of the house. It makes me appreciate the quiet house when I come home and those men and women who work full time jobs.

Here is to feeling better tomorrow! I thought I could study but I think I need to spend the time I’m home sleeping and resting. And taking more NyQuil 😛 Thank for cold medicine, thankful I live in a country where I can get medicine. And praying that with some rest, I will feel better. On my old body…colds would run their course in about 3 days….now I know to expect 1 week min. sometimes up to 2.5 weeks to feel better. But in those 2.5 weeks, I have learned it is better to rest now…then end up in the hospital later!

Off to rest!


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