In good times

In good times it is soooo easy to be happy and stay positive. Times that are rough….like when you are dying from pain….are much harder times to say “I’ve got this” or “I’m strong and capable.” I thought about this today as I drove past the vert clinic where I know Molly was killed. I drove the very road today on my way to class (and I drive it every Wednesday). My heart aches as I realize I’m driving by or on the very spot where I know she was killed.

Every week for some reason I think driving by it will be easier! I think ok maybe this week it won’t bring tears or it won’t make my heart ache. Maybe this week, I can drive past it and not think of what happened. Maybe this week….again I think of the good times.

I think of Molly’s special little self! Her jumping and excitement. Her jumping up and down as I came home. Some times the pain is a fresh as it was on that day. Others days I’m aching to just love on another furry daughter or son!

And it brings back the uniqueness of our grief! For some furry parent it might be years before they pick another furry child. But for others it is not that long. It is honestly hard to know when, sometimes I think bringing another one into your life…tends to help heal the wounds. Because you realize how special your loss was and how much you enjoyed them. You don’t work to forget them….you remember them. But you remember them as you are actively building a new normal…a new routine and maybe even a new life with a new furry child.

I have learned perseverance! I have learned I am strong! I have learned I have a choice to see happiness….not just in the good days! But even in the bad days….it is my choice to be positive and focused!

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