Have you had?

Have you had one of those days where you cannot even get out of bed????? I had one of those days today. I had my alarm set to go off at 7:30am….and when it went off I could barely open my eyes. That is the one thing I hate about rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia….you can feel so bad but yet no one can see your pain!

I laid in bed praying my Fibro fog to ease. I wanted so badly to get up…make it to my wonderful Sunday school class and then enjoy some fellowship after church. But you know my body couldn’t do that….I laid in bed until noon and then I managed to drag myself to my couch. My head ached so badly when I lifted it up off the pillow. My body and brain could not get things in gear. I wanted to read…heck if I’m home why not study. But that didn’t happen either. Instead a day of rest happened.

I literally have been resting all day….sleeping on and off. I think that is what my body needed so desperately. A time out! A day that I just did nothing. I personally hate these type of days because I like to do things. I like to get out of the house….I like to talk to people and socialize. I hate spending the day in my bed, in pain, and with Fibro fog.

But today it happened and you know after a day of being in bed…I can say I feel a little better. I’m still sneezing…still having slight sinus headaches…but my pain has eased some. Our bodies can go go go. Sometimes I try and will myself to work work work ….without my daily nap…and some days with out a break. But you would think I know by now…I shouldn’t do that. In fact I should consciously every day make sure I’m taking care of my body.

It is up to me to care for myself. Does it mean I cannot do everything…no of course not but it does mean I have to be organized. Because I had worked so much during break…I am able to take a night or two…and rest! I have to have those free days/ nights. The last thing I need is stress that I have to push myself because my homework isn’t getting done.

This week will be a busy week. I’m learning my first advanced statistical analysis on Wednesday night. And then Friday I have to be in class again. So yes busy week but at least I got some rest this weekend.

I hope that tonight if you are hurting that your pain eases. I pray that we all have a fantastic week! I would love to hear what you have planned! You will hear about my week no doubt 🙂

Also for those of us whose fathers are in Heaven looking down on us. I pray that the tears you shed tonight are dabbed away by a close friend/spouse/partner/lover. The pain doesn’t get any easier…I still miss my daddy as much this Fathers Day as I did 5 years ago. Hugs to you!

Have a fantastic Monday!

2 thoughts on “Have you had?

  1. Sounds like we had a very similar day yesterday…I was in more pain yesterday than I’ve experienced in quite some time. Ended up taking the day off work today too…hate to do that, but I can still hardly move. Still have a week and a half to go before my first appointment with rheumy…and I know that won’t be the magic cure (don’t you wish there really was such a thing?)…just another step on this journey. I hope you’re feeling oh so much better today!

    1. Awww I hate that you hurt 😦 How are you feeling tonight? How are you feeling about your first rheumy appointment? I was so nervous but it was the best thing I could have done. Def. write and let me know how it goes for you. And thank you also for encouraging me. I got up this morning! That was a major positive 🙂

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