What a fun weekend it has been!!! I started my Friday by driving up to my main campus, which also happens to be where I earned my bachelors degree! The excitement I felt as I neared campus brought many memories! I grew up here, I learned who and what I wanted to be here! I got my own apartment here, and I was engaged here. Just seeing the campus brought such great memories :). Ohhh the fun I had growing up while working and going to school. Granted it didn’t feel that way some times! The buildings even smelled the same!

I enjoyed going back to my honors program. I visited with my Honors director. She made such an impact in my life, I loved catching up and talking with her! Then, I visited with my dissertation chair and ended up spending time with her in her statistics class. I was able to share with her students my research and what I am planning on doing with it. I had a blast!

The drive home seemed like the longest drive ever! I was so excited though with my research, I started working on my proposal and made some edits. But the pain, whew! Sitting and driving my body was exhausted! I worked until about 11-12am.m. Before I decided to call it quits and rest. Of course, my body hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep (what is new right!) so instead I amused myself by watching some random tv shows (thank God for Netflix!)

Today I was up early running around the house doing things but I couldn’t help but think….wow time has flown. I am within two years of finishing my degree…. I remember being in college and thinking the same thing but telling myself I had another 10 years to go. I remember thinking I as almost done with my masters degree but knowing I had about 5-6 years to go! And now I am within two years and then I will be DONE!!! Now comes the other ideas….the building of a research agenda, planning for job offers, getting teaching experience etc. Now comes the “big girl” planning!

And yes planning is not easy with the Fibro fog! The other day I knew I had a soda out, walked all over the house and finally found it but then I forgot I needed to print an article! Goodness, the simple things sometimes that become so complicated! But the good thing is I am good at planning so even if I am having a bad night (like tonight in such pain) I can rest and still be ok!

Tonight hubby and I had dinner at the house, and are enjoying watching tv and watching our girls lay all over the couch! My kitty got out of the house today…wasn’t that fun! NOT!!! Thankfully we caught her and she is safe and sound back at home!!!

Enjoy your memories, and your weekend! 🙂 if you are hurting tonight I pray that your pain eases! I know how hard it is to just open your eyes some days, hugs and many happy thoughts and prayers for strength!

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