You know one thing I remember a lot from growing up is the dirt! Yes  DIRT!! When we had the six months of dry season….we had dirt so think.  The wind would come and everything was covered in dirt. Then of course you took a cold shower because we did not have warm running water. We would get pots and pans and heat water on the stove.  It was so nice to take warm bucket baths as we called them.  I remember my bathroom, more of an out house really, had concrete floor but the windows opened up to the mountains.  Yes you could get distracted watching the outside while taking a nice cold bath! 😛

I remember the water shortages…walking up the mountain for about an hour to get water in jugs.  Then we had to walk back down the mountain. I hated the water run…the hiking up the mountain, the holding the jug up to the spring (water came right out of the mountain) and then lugging the water jug back down the mountain.  Maybe I was just lazy 😛

I really enjoyed being a little kid, running up to the corner market store and asking for a coke.  We did not have these coke cans or many options. We had Coca-Cola in a glass bottle (do they even sell those anymore??). And being a little kid, I would get the soda in a bag so I did not have to hang around the store while I drank it.

Things were so different growing up. For the longest time we did not have electricity, I think until I was in my pre-teens/maybe early teens.  Until then, washing clothes and drying clothes was done the old-fashion way. We would hang clothes up on the clothes line and then off course sit and wait by the door. If we thought we heard rain coming, we would run out and take all the clothes inside. I cannot tell you how many times we heard rain, we would run out and grab the clothes, then it would rain, and back out we would hang the clothes. I prayed for a dryer!!!

And travel…well travel for the longest time (most of my childhood) was hiking down the mountain to a corn field. Waiting in the corn field for a small 6 seat plane to land in the corn field. It would turn around and we would load up.  You do not really realize how interesting it is to sit in a plane and know it has only so many feet to get in the air.  Because honestly at the edge of this cornfield there was a canyon…either you were up in the air by the time the corn field ended or you were down in the gully..not really much of an option.  So knowing this,…and knowing you only had so many feet….it made for such fun when we had to travel.  Because of this, we would buy groceries to last about 4-6 months…the idea of running to Walmart for stuff…yah no we did not have that. We packed/bought food to last us for months at a time…honestlly would you want to make that trip all the time…NOPE! Speaking of short air strips, check into Tegucigalpa‘s air strip, this is where I would fly out for El Salvador, Belize, the United States, etc. It was our international airport.  The air strip in Tegucigalpa has been termed the second most dangerous air strip because it is so short and on one end their is a canyon and the other end a huge mountain.  Great picture right! I love landing in it…thrill ride for sure!

These memories of home are so fun to think about. I do not want to lose the experiences that make me who I am today.  I love that my story is very different, but I also know there are many like me who did not grow up like many I know do today. And you know I do not think the things I did not have (such as electricity, telephone, internet, etc.) caused me any harm. In fact, it has made me treasure things that I did not have growing up. I see things as more valuable. I see electricity as being valuable….I know the feeling of using candles/flashlights and kerosene lanterns….flipping a light switch is awesome!!

More pictures are attache of the village I call home…Gualcinse, Lempira, in Honduras. Check it out some time on the internet 🙂 More about me tomorrow.

Praying that your pain eases, mine has not the past two days. I’m ready for a little relief. The fatigue has been horrible but I am still pushing through. And I was soooo happy when I got a call today from someone just checking on me! Just wanted to see how I was doing…WOW! I love those calls 🙂



HPIM0032_0029 IMG_1039 IMG_1036 IMG_1031 IMG_1027 IMG_1014 IMG_1013 IMG_0992 IMG_0964 IMG_0963 IMG_0962 Gualcinse from above IMG_0958 MVC-007S IMG_0899 IMG_0898 IMG_0897 IMG_0895 IMG_0892 IMG_0890 IMG_0888 IMG_0887 IMG_0886 IMG_0743 IMG_0658 IMG_0591 IMG_0586 IMG_0037 IMG_0035

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