Ahhh July 4th

Maybe it is only me but the thought that we are again celebrating July 4th…it means more than half of the year has already come and gone!! WOW!!! Time flies…this year has flown by! In a way that is a good thing…I’m encouraged that before I know it, I will be greeting 2015 🙂 However, that also means that the next few weeks will fly by and I have so much homework due!

That is why….even though I traveled to Austin today…I still brought homework! My goal tomorrow and Saturday is to work on my literature review and Sunday start working on my next statistics assignment. If I can stay a few assignments ahead…I won’t have as much pressure at the end. We had a great drive into Austin, we are really happy with the hotel we are staying at. It is one of the Residence Inn’s so we can go get our own food, and veg out in our hotel room. We are trying to enjoy a good vacation….although not far from our mind is how horrible our last vacation was. Here is to better memories this time.

We actually have not seen any fireworks! I’m a little sad but my comfy bed makes up for it 🙂

Off to rest! 🙂


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