Enjoying the view

Austin has a wonderful night sklyine! That is one thing that I love about visiting new cities….malls and skylines! Of course visiting a mall is mandatory!! 🙂 Hubby and I had a great time walking around the Capital circle today. It was sooo cool to walk into the Senate and the House chambers. Ohh to be here when they are debating sessions! Or to have an office in the building 🙂 Tooo cool!! That would be too much for me, although it sounds like a lot of fun.

After the capital we visited a really cool/awesome mall! We had lunch there and enjoyed looking around at the shops. I made a beeline for Sephora, one of my favorite stores!! I can spend so much time playing with make up 😛 And it makes me feel so much better too. I wonder if anyone has studied why women feel better (or at least I do) when I have make up on and my nails done. Neither of those two things are like MAJOR things but man when I don’t have my face done or my nails done I just feel odd. I’m weird I know!

We came back to the hotel and I took a nap! Yes the balance thing! Walking in the heat was hard! But I did it, and we definitely spent some time people watching while at the mall. I’m grateful so much for the random benches/chairs in the mall. I never used those before…but now I make good use of those benches!

After a nap, I got started on some homework. I worked on some statistics homework, worked on a conference proposal, and spent some time organizing my files.  I am so thankful that this hotel has a great desk/office set up!! We have spent the evening having dinner in our hotel room and I’ve been doing homework.  One fantastic relaxing night!

Tomorrow we might drive into Hill Country! I love seeing the mountains, trees, and houses around here.  So pretty!! We might also go to 6th street, we are not sure yet. It depends on my energy. We are also considering going to the LBJ Presidential Museum! We will see…I’m up for spending the day in bed 😛

My body is exhausted..so much pain! My imuran has been messing with my tummy recently (well it never really stopped) and my joints are still hurting. I’m not sure, the dosage might have to me upped when I go to my rheumatologist in August! 😦 I’m hoping though that I will get there soon. Switching meds is sooo hard. Arava was a good friend, I was on that one longer than any of my RA meds (Plaquenil, MTX, or Imuran). Although I have been told I can expect (if it works) a long term relationship with Imuran YAY! Again, I hate changing medicine…it can take sometimes 6 months to feel like it is working or not!

Off to do more homework! Stay focused, stay strong, stay positive, and stay determined to fight another day of your invisible illness battle. I saw a post-it yesterday ( I think I posted it to my FB page)…it said “don’t be defined by your illness.” Sometimes it is hard to not be defined by our RA/Lupus/Fibro/invisible illness. It can be VERY hard to not be defined by our illness, but I want to encourage you, just like I know you encourage me. One step in front of the other tonight/tomorrow! Look for the good in things, and let’s kick RA/Lupus/Fibro’s behind in our own lives. And by doing that, we will raise awareness of our disease and let the world know …. this is not “just arthritis”, “an old person’s disease”, and “just because we look good doesn’t mean we feel good.” And we will also let the world know “we are fighters’, “we will do this”, and “we are better/stronger than our disease”


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