Home tomorrow

We are headed home tomorrow!! As much as I have enjoyed being here in Austin, I do miss my bed!! Not ready to head to work on Monday…but who is lol!! We are planning on sleeping in late, before we make the 3 hour drive back home.  I already have a list of things to do for homework this next week. I am happy though that things are clicking and I feel as if I am learning new things.  I like that challenged feeling :).

I have some journal articles to read tonight, while I’m relaxing on the couch watching some house hunters. Yes, I do keep the TV on while I study. The nose doesn’t distract me near as much as silence does! When things are quiet I get bored, with nose in the background I know things are going on I just do not care 😛

Today was not a great a day with my pain! 😦 I woke up with a foggy brain, but thankfully that eased after a few hours. The walking we did yesterday caught up with me.  My body ached so bad…I tried to lay down for a nap and alas my body was not going to stop hurting long enough to take a nap. So I am incredibly tired right now. But you know still despite that exhaustion, my body is hurting so bad.

I wish I had a way to say how much my body hurts on a 24/7, 365  scale.  Is it me but does it seem like sometimes words are really bad about getting out how we feel?? I have felt like I have had the flu this whole week, even though I know I don’t. But that exhaustion and ache, pain, fatigue etc. that comes with the flu is what has hit me hard.

Balance, that is what I keep telling myself! I have to balance the work and play but sometimes the play is so worth it. No matter what my Fibromyalgia says!! 🙂 I loved walking the Capitol building yesterday and enjoying some fun times at the mall. I don’t regret any of it…I’m just sad that we pay for the fun things in our life!

I hope that tomorrow is a less painful day for anyone else suffering with RALF/Invisible disease!! Hugs and Spoons!


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