Focus on the good

Focus on the good! Easy to say but oh soooo hard to do!!!! So tonight despite the nausea and major sore throat….I’m excited that a major conference proposal was submitted tonight! I am thrilled I submitted a draft of next week’s homework to my professor for his edits! I am really happy I think I figured out my next factor analysis homework, and that I was able to read an article for my literature review! Above all of that, my hubby and I got to enjoy a great late dinner and I got a nap!

So yes….even though I feel rotten…these and many more are good reasons to stay positive, focused, and determined! I was thinking today how sometimes (at least for me) it is sooooo easy to let myself feel my upset stomach, body pain, etc. I think sometimes we feel like we have to be strong 100% of the time. But you know I think we will have those hard days…where our pain just gets to us, where we feel the frustration of hurting everywhere and all the time. And you know that is ok! We are allowed to have our moments, the key is though to pick ourselves back up!

Pick yourself back up, reach out to a friend, encourage someone, and focus on the good! I hope that tonight we focus on the good. Lets hope we have a better day tomorrow, less pain, less sir throats and a day that we can say had many positives 🙂

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