You Know Those Days

No I haven’t forgotten y’all! This week I have been so sick! Coming back from Austin I came home with a sore throat. I hoped it was nothing. Thankfully it didn’t get any worse. But I have felt drained/exhausted/fatigued.

At the same time my pain has increased tremendously this week! From the waist down I can hardly move. My hands are swollen and stabbing pain happens when I move my shoulders. That alone is draining, add in now two nights of little sleep.

Not fun right!!!!! But positives, one positive I made it to class!!!! A second positive is I’m moving forward with homework and research. A third positive, I am almost done with next weeks homework. Yay!!!!

Another positive, spent some time hanging out with my husbands!!!! 🙂 you know it sounds sad but some times we barely get to spend time together. I love the time we get!

So yes rough rough week! So much pain! And you know it hard to focus on good when everything hurts so bad! Honestly some moments this week I have wanted to just crawl in bed, cover my head, and cry and scream. I hurt so bad….but people cannot see it. I hate how pain drains us, even emotionally.

But you know I have been blessed to get random “I’m praying for you” text messages or messages on here or my Facebook page. Those messages are soooo uplifting. Those messages give me a push to get back up! Knowing deep in my darkest moments of pain, I am not alone.

I have seen how pain makes me angry, sad, emotional and much more. But you make it through those dark days, I hope mine ends soon!

I encourage you…if you are going through a dark day….hang in there!!!

Thank you all for being so amazing and helping me through my dark painful days!

2 thoughts on “You Know Those Days

  1. I’m so glad you had so much fun on your trip. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. And good for you for making it to class even tho you were in so much pain…sometimes we just have to shove our way thru the pain and do what needs to be done.

    1. You are so right! Just focusing on something that will be good….it helps! But some nights I am sooo tired, and I just need to rest. Like tonight I only read some articles. I just needed to rest. Tomorrow back to the books. 🙂

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