Me Day!

How was your day today??? Mine was one of those slow errand days! I stayed in bed as late as I could but finally had to get up (sad right!!!!) But major perk today….my car got an oil changed and it got cleaned!!!! Woohoo! It is sooooo nice to climb into a clean car! You have no idea!!

I also stopped by the nail salon :)! One of my favorite pastimes, it is relaxing and perks me up. Weird I know but I love this once a month me fun! Then after that I came home, and have been resting with my hubby. We ordered in pizza (so bad I know!) and then have been watching Netlfix and Hulu. It is nice to have some distraction 🙂

I did manage to read the rest of my journal stack for my literature review. Tomorrow I will start writing my final paper! Yay! I’m right on schedule, I had planned to start my paper, hoping to get some work done on the literature review and the results. Looks like I should be able to do that tomorrow. I also made the corrections to my Multivariate homework. I hope to run analysis on Wednesday so that means I have three days to focus on my final project. I have a meeting with my chair to discuss results on Friday so I want to make some strides on the paper. And since I cannot go forward in my Multivariate homework, I need to use my time wisely. For my second class, my internship, my ppt is done! Now I just need to think about how I am going to present it. I want to try and record it as a video I can upload to a Blackboard site or YouTube…but I’ve never done anything like that before so I do not know if I can swing it.

Tonight has been a painful night, my joints are swollen and ache. My Fibro has caused even my skin to hurt 😦 I have been majorly flaring the last three or four days. Today was not as bad as two days ago but I am definitely feeling the pain and exhaustion. I hate not having the energy I want to have, and I really struggle to stay positive in that I know despite how hard homework is….that earning a doctorate degree is something I need to persevere to and finish! I have spent 10 years of my life obtaining an education…I cannot wait to see how I am going to use it.

And I was able to enjoy modern technology tonight!!!! 🙂 Using my IPad to check out cheaper electric and Internet rates! And I found a grocery app! I want to get an idea of how much is being spent and better ways to save! I have found the app and I love it! It sucks to see where I splurge but good to know too so I can do better in the future. One thing I am so thankful my late father taught me…be a smart spender/saver. And thankfully with modern technology I can find coupons on my phone and I don’t have to painfully cut out coupons! 🙂

I hope y’all have a great Sunday and new week!!!! Attached are some nail pictures…yes me and my nails and some more fun pictures from Austin. Also a picture of my youngest furry daughter, Pepper. She hides so much I can rarely get a good shot of her, darn torti! 🙂






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