It is

It is morning already!!!!! How many times does morning bring you the realization that OMG! I got …….hours of sleep last night! And what might be worse is that little bit of sleep you DID get didn’t help you feel any more refreshed!!!

It sounds odd but you know it how awesome it would feel to sleep well at night!!!! 🙂 ok enough about my soap box!

I have been feeling so incredibly sick this week. Pain 30/10 and soooo fatigued! It has made doing homework a major feat but I’m getting there! Still in a LOT of pain today but focusing on something good!

Major news I submitted my chair paperwork last night!!!! My chair is instrumental in helping me finish my dissertation thus major important person to getting me across that finish line. I was able to pick three choices, I am hoping for my top choice as I have been working with her already. But I know God knows the best thing for me!

I hope you have a fantastic morning! More soon!

ps: spoons!! #spoons #goingtosmiletoday

And enjoy some pictures of my oldest daughter 🙂



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