A Monday!!

You know you hear that Monday’ are typically crazy days! Today was one of those days! My brother-in-law was taken the hospital. You know there is a certain smell and sound in a hospital.  It is weird, at least to me, but we waited there today and just a short time ago he finally got into a room. It reminds me of the hospitals where I grew up.  You know people would walk for hours to get medical care, something people here don’t have to do (thankfully!).  In this country we have ambulances and treatment readily available (in many cases).  Thank God right! We are so blessed.

I sit back sometimes and think about where I started and now where I am.  Do you ever have those moments when you think back to all that you have seen and done in life.  I guess those pensive moments come every now and then. I had a long conversation with my boss about the future. It seems odd now saying that “this time next year.” It is scary that this time next year I will be completely my VERY LAST CLASS. Can you imagine…11 years of education will come to a a close. Then I will just have dissertation to complete, and hopefully done on time in 2015. It blows my mind. I think back to when I was in college, so young and immature. I dreamed of being a doctoral student…now I am one. Wow!  Sad that it is coming to an end….well it is sad but good too!!!

This week I am driving up to the main campus to spend a few days. I am going to learn on AWESOME statistical technique and I get to present on my research! Scary!!! 😦 I am nervous but excited, I have found some pretty awesome things but that means I have a lot of work to do too! Then next week is my final class week! I have a presentation on Monday night and then again on Wednesday night. Then Friday I am headed for vacation!! WOOHOOO!! I will post pictures 😀

Have a great night! Keep fighting, don’t get down! Know that you are stronger than your pain! You got this! 🙂







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