Ahhh almost!!!

The semester has flown by so quickly…the countdown is on….less than seven days and the semester will be OVER! WOOHOO!! Starting tomorrow I will leave in the early morning for the main campus. I have class all afternoon (literally) on canonical correlation analysis! I’m excited!! And then Saturday morning, I will have class again and I should also have the opportunity to present on my research findings from this semester! I always get so nervous before hand! Pray for me to have peace and to be able to articulate my results in a professional and well-spoken manner. I am getting better at presenting, but I always could use some work.

Then I come home on Saturday..sometimes and prepare for a presentation on Monday night. This presentation will be a little less formal but still I will have about 15 minutes to talk about what I learned through my internship. There is so much to share, I’m not sure how I will get it all done! But I will try! Again pray for peace, professionality, and that I am able to clearly present what I have learned.

Speed up to Wednesday, my major paper (currently almost 30 pages) is DUE!! OMG!! And then Wednesday night I will again present my results. Wednesday will hopefully be easier because it will be a follow up presentation to what I am doing either tomorrow or Saturday. But still this is for a grade and I want to do well!

I am as always concerned because….travel/stress/finals week are always sooooo stressful and that tends to flare my RA and Fibro really bad. It is SOOOO hard to present when you are hurting and much harder to think clearly and present well when you have fibro fog.

I had this goal to be done with everything, packed and ready to go for the morning….hahhaha yah that didn’t happen! Oh well!! 😛 I tend to function best about this hour..mornings are incredibly rough 😦

After classes are done I am prepping for a short girl vacation!! I will definitely be sharing pictures of where I am headed. I cannot wait! I am praying there is good weather and great company. Then when I’m back from vacation work will kick up because we are going to be in AUGUST (where did the year go!!!).

While on break I have some major research goals to accomplish, the work never ends but hey that is the way to get done QUICKLY! And I”m all for that, I don’t want to pay for any more tuition than I have to! 🙂 So sometime after Wednesday, I will work out a plan for organizing stuff for my research while on “break.” Don’t worry I will take a few days off to let myself recoup! I love that part of the between semesters!

Once fall starts in August, I will be taking Finance (UGH!!) and Higher Education Curriculum, both will be tough for me I think. One I can forese as being a lot of reading/writing/researching (gosh you have to to see where HIED has come from!) and the other..finance is not my forte…I will need to do a lot of behind the scenes work! But at least I also know these two classes get me closer to the end goal! I will have Higher Education Law and Program Eval in the Spring,  take my comprehensive exams in May, and take my FINAL two classes June – July! Essentially this time next year I will be ABD…I will have completed 11 years of taking classes!!! OMG!! And then one more year to finish my dissertation, my goal is to propose in Sept./Oct. and do my final defense no later than Feb.  So YES lots of work but that is alright I am excited, I just have to keep focused, and balanced!!

Your encouragement is always soooo appreciated! Stay tuned for the next several weeks of fun! 🙂


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