Good News

I also have some GREAT news to share with you all! As you know Molly, our 3.5 year old Jack Russell Terrier was killed in tragic accident over the Memorial Day holiday.  We have given up getting any reimbursement from the Vet’s office, they are throwing as many road blocks as possible to not take responsibility for what they did to our dog.  We are still trying to process how we could leave our precious doggy daughter, healthy and full of life, with our vet and we got back a box with her remains. Their negligence in our opinion was unacceptable.  Other than leaving reviews stating our experiences, we are not sure what else to do but we are determined to move on and find joy in our doggy daughters.

This brings me to the good news, a short time ago we were made aware of an adorable French Bulldog mix that was in need of a home. She was originally found pregnant in a shelter and almost put down. She was rescued by a no-kill organization who were determined to find her and her puppies a home. When we came into the picture she still had three puppies left, they were sooo precious.  Leia had obviously had some rough patches in her life, her two major front teeth are almost worn down to the gums.  Our new vet said it is as if she had to chew rocks :(. She also has a bb ball in her side, she was likely shot at some point in her three years of life. We brought her to our home, we just couldn’t keep looking at an empty doggie bed, or know there were unused doggie toys in our closet.

Through her probationary period we were determined to find good in having her in our home. She is completely opposite Molly’s personality which I think is a good thing. We found as family, the kitty girls included, that we all could become a family. Precious has developed a relationship with Leia, they can sit next to each other and sleep next to each other. Pepper is working on a love/hate relationship, Pepper prefers to play with Leia when Leia wants to sleep.  Overall, all three girls get along well.

Leia does have major separation anxiety, so we are working through those issues. I’m putting my counseling skills to use 🙂 We also have Leia being socialized with other dogs as she goes to doggie day care. We investigated a few places in our area and found one that we liked the people, the facility, and what they offered. It was so hard for us to leave her on her first day of doggie daycare, I think I called almost every hour. But we have realized, we have to get up and look to good. We cannot be boxed in because of a horrible tragedy. We can raise awareness of it, and warn others from the location but we hope that this place will only bring positive news for us. Leia is making friends and loving being socialized, it is helping us right now with her major separation anxiety (she is not alone while we work all day), and we know someone is watching her that we believe we can trust.

We definitely found ourselves doing more this time than we did that day with Molly. We meet with people, we inspected the room she would stay in (it is thankfully not a crate, she gets her own room with a glass door), and we inspected every side of the fence in the back yard.  We did not take for granted that she would be safe, and we find ourselves checking things even when we park.

I know it probably sounds so funny..doggie day care! Never thought I would ever have the experience of this but for now it is helping Leia and us! We are learning to work through our fears and Leia is learning to be a better socialized dog. If you have suggestions to help with her separation anxiety, send those in. I’m not sure if that is due to her French Bulldog breed? I have never had one so I’m not sure.

But that is our great news update! We do ask you pray for us all, as she is still adjusting, the girls are adjusting to a new sister, and as we  daily drop her off.  Pray our fears ease, that we can learn to trust someone else with our doggie daughter. We have decided though if we do in-state (car) travel she will be coming with us. The Marriott chain allows pets in the rooms, that is our new  travel policy. Only when we are both out-of-state will she need to be boarded or if we can find a pet sitter we will do that do. Our preference will be to take her with us as often as possible. Any one ever travel with your pets (like to another city/state)? Any suggestions?  Trust me if I can fly her I probably will! 😛


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