Home Sweet Home

It is sooo nice to be home!! This weekend I left Friday morning to drive up to my school’s main campus. There I sat in a statistics class for 6 hours. It was soo fun, and I learned a lot.  We were talking about Canonical Correlation Analysis, a very cool way to break apart concepts but oh so hard to write up!! And I got to work on my paper! I made some major APA edits, and now  I think it is getting better. I will have to have that turned in by Thursday (my goal is by Tuesday). I want to walk away from class on Wednesday and be 100% done with the semester.

Tomorrow night starting at 5:00p.m., I will have my final internship class! We will also share what we did this semester, I will have a power point presentation. I hope it goes well, I practiced it tonight and I think it will be good. But do say a prayer! I can always use all the prayers and encouragement I can get. It is especially hard to present when I’m tired and in tons of pain. I did a presentation on Saturday, I used 8 of the 10 maximum minutes. I think it went well but I did see some things I want to work on when I present the presentation on Wednesday. I am explaining a new concept that my class will not understand so I need to be clear and report what I have done in a clear (yet professional) manner.

Wednesday will feel so good! To be DONE with another semester!! WOOOHO!! 🙂 I cannot cannot wait! 🙂

Then on Friday, I am at the airport bright and early! Gosh I think the shuttle is coming to get me at like 6:05 in the morning!! 😦 BUT that will hopefully get me to the airport in time to check in, clear security and get to my gate. And then a few day of girls weekend! I am looking forward to it. The days of vacation from class will be extremely busy, I have a lot going on but I am going to make sure I get some time of rest!  I don’t want to burn out!

But on my to do list is so more RESEARCH (woohoo) into my RG study, more research for my CA study, and working on a conference proposal for SERA. 🙂 Yup I know that is lot but the good thing is that I am working my way through it and if I do a little bit each night I will get it all done.

In the Fall, I am set to take Higher Ed Finance (OMG!!) and then Curriculum. I am honestly not sure what I think about these two classes. I am not sure if I would say these will be tough or fun/tough. I am hoping the later! BUT regardless taking these two classes means I am 4 classes away from being DONE with my coursework!! 🙂

I know I am jumping up and down! These past few years, completing an MA and a doctorate with RALF….it has been rough. MANY many nights of extreme pain, little sleep, and major stiffness of my joints. Although I think all the typing is helping my fingers stay working, I cannot tell you how many times my knuckles and finger joints have gotten so swollen it hurts to close my hands (I”m sure you know the feeling). My hips are so bad, honestly from the waist down it feels like every joint (hips, knees, ankles, and toes) are just RA taken. BUT you know what I have made it this far, and my goal is to finish strong!

And now is the time of my education where I can spend some time thinking about what I want to do next (SCHOOL WILL BE OVER!!). That is a cool idea, I have for so many years (10 years now) thought, ok well when is the next degree and how am I going to do that, but now it is not “when will the next degree start” it is “let me work on getting the job I have always wanted.”

So yes lots going on BUT I can do it! 🙂

Thank you all for your encouragement, stay tuned for an AWESOME week 🙂

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