Invisible pain

Tonight for some reason the invisible pain is on my mind. I have been suffering so bad (as I am sure you have too) and it is sometimes so frustrating that people don’t see that pain.  Tonight, I felt that pain so bad as I was getting ready to present my internship experience. It was hard enough going after two people who practically said everything you want to say, but then to try and pull my brain together to make some sort of sense.  The whole time I’m telling myself is a small voice..just keep focused, think, think, and think.

Pain is isolating, pain is emotionally draining, and pain takes some instances of your life away. I say that because there are many times I feel so isolated with my pain. I say that because it feels as if no one understand it, and while i know that is totally not true…sometimes I cannot get my mind around that concept.  I would not know what to do if I was to wake up with no PAIN! I honestly think I would die and go to heaven! Seriously, no pain would be so awesome.

Despite the pain feeling so isolating, I will say in those moments I have to cry (and I do/did) because I have realized I have to let myself hurt. If I hold all my hurt inside, I end up feeling even more pain. Pain is part of my life that won’t change, but I have to find a way to be positive no matter how much pain I am in.

Good news, classes are almost over! 🙂 Positive thinking right! 🙂


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