Oh in sickness

One more week!!!! 😦 one more week and my summer vacation is over!!!! All I can say to that is nooooooo! But the positive is….that means ill be on my way to one more semester being over! 🙂 that’s a major positive. And these past two weeks I have spent relaxing. That is something I did not do in May. But I realize that a balance is critical so I knew this break I needed to make sure and make it some me time. I have slept, gone on vacation, and as of yesterday gotten sick! Hey a break with out sickness….gosh what would I do! LOL!

Today I spent the day laying around trying to feel better. I had a small fever, and it rained! Ugh! What a mix right! I’m hoping tomorrow I feel better. I want to enjoy my last week of vacation. After next week I will be working full time so I won’t be able to rest. I need and want to make the most of next week.

This fall will be my last fall semester of classes!!!!!!!! My May I will be taking comps and then my final classes in the summer! I’m excited! And I’m hopeful that all goes well!

I see my rheumy on Wednesday! I’m hoping my appt goes well. I feel so bad….since starting Lyrica and taking prednisone my weight has increased. It def hurts my self esteem to see the scale numbers increasing. But I know I need these meds and I can still call myself beautiful. I am watching what I eat and attempting to walk and do yoga as often as possible. I also am reminding myself beauty is from within!

Off to bed….hoping to feel better tomorrow!

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