There are many big days that need planning, one big day is of course a wedding day. I am so blessed to be able to witness my last bridesmaid marriage in January. Of course she is planning and getting this ready, as it is a destination wedding. We are all flying to RENO!! πŸ™‚ I am so excited to watch her and her dashing fiancee say “I do” with Lake Tahoe as their back drop! Now we are searching for the perfect lavender bridesmaid dress for me to wear. She has picked out her dress (might I say gorgeous!!). Ahh I don’t envy her in the wedding planning stay but it is exciting.

My husband and I were together almost four years when we got engaged the last day of June and then we were married in early November. Wedding planning and being in graduate school…ahhh those nights were STRESSFUL! But I am glad Β I didn’t wait…this November we are celebrating starting our 8th year together and our fourth wedding anniversary! Wow time has flown! πŸ™‚

Ahhh memories!! I am happy to report that I am feeling a little where near great but hanging in there. There has been so much on my mind these past few days. You know how sometimes you get overwhelmed thinking of everything you have to do, haven’t done, needs done, etc. It is hard sometimes to balance everything…especially with all the pain! Does the pain every clog your thinking? Or make you just want to sit in bed and have a good cry! If there is one thing I have learned….crying (letting out your emotions) isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That release is needed! We cannot deny how we feel sometimes…and honestly with all this pain…we sometimes have to just let our emotionally pain out!

But enough of the sad things…a positive…today I am blogging! My hands do not hurt as bad as they did yesterday! πŸ™‚ I am excited for a new work week…AND starting my last fall semester of classes! I am still amazed that this fall will be my LAST fall semester of classes! OMG! That is unless I go on for another degree (i.e., second PHD, JD, or MD —yes it has crossed my mind!). But I am excited that I am facing my last six classes…after this fall I will have four classes left and I am just stunned. I remember getting the call for an interview, I remember interviewing, and I remember the first semester of classes. I am still blown away that I within a two years of earning my EdD!). Amazing!!!

Off to get some rest…it is past midnight where I am! Have a fantastic day….rest well..and seek a positive πŸ™‚


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