Ahhh that’s how I feel today! I went to see my rheumatologist….my pain has not lessened so she decided to raise my Imuran dose :(. Needless to say last night I was so sick, I was in bed by 9:30 (thank goodness I had no class!). My stomach today has not been my friend but what I think is worse is my fatigue. I have started taking Vitamin B and some other vitamins to help with keeping myself focused and things done. Fatigue is such a killer! 😦 I have a routine though, I have to take a nap (ugh Wednesdays are going to be rough)! Naps are a must!

I also will be working full time for the next several weeks (and perhaps more). So starting Monday, I will be working full time, and then the week after I will be working full time and back to class (3 classes this fall). The sound of the business makes me want to cry, but at the same time the thought of being almost done helps me stay focused and determined to finish.

Out of curiosity I went and research Imuran, a bit more. I like to get an idea of the meds I am taking, all have seemed to do the same thing and similar side-effects. Funny part is how they all help (or don’t help).  Here are some of the links that I found:





I think one of the biggest questions people ask me is “you take immune suppressants (e.g., chemotherapy drugs).?” YUP! Then you get the people who go…well you haven’t lost weight so obviously you are fine…NO! Sometimes even though you are eating less (which I have been personally) ..it doesn’t mean you will drop all the weight quickly. For me, I also have taken A LOT LOT LOT of predisone and for me that makes me gain…no matter how little I eat! But in all honestly, this is one area I want to learn more about.  That is the type of drugs we take, why we take them, how it makes others feel, etc.

I am off to review more journal articles 🙂 Until next time!


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