Semester is here!!!

The fall semester starts tomorrow!!!! Wow!!!! I cannot believe it! For many universities across the country hundreds of new/freshman students will begin orientation and their first college classes! Sooo exciting !

I am not starting classes until the 28th but tomorrow kicks off one of the busiest weeks of the semester. This week is full of meetings, trainings, and preparing for school to start next week for my institution. So yes crazy week!

I will also be working full time for a few weeks starting tomorrow! Whew! I hope I can do it all! The imuran is not my friend. The fatigue is kicking my behind! 😦 sad!! But I’m getting there, at least I can say I’m positively thinking!

I can say for sure I’m not ready for my own classes to begin but I can say this is my last fall semester of coursework!!! Wow! 10 years in the making! Amazing.

I’m off to bed….need to get a good nights rest before the crazy day tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Semester is here!!!

  1. Sounds so exciting! I take one of my three college bound kids to Syracuse on Thursday. Then another of the three starts the 26th closer to home. The stress of making sure things are all set has really done a number on my stress, pain and fatigue, so I know what you’re going through! I’m so glad your positive attitude has kept you excited!

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