Last Week!!!

Sad day!! Tomorrow is my last Wednesday of FREEDOM!! Next week is is back to the grind of school! But again it is my last fall semester so I am excited about that :). I have two of my books for one class but I am missing books for my second class. I see myself ordering them next week and then freaking out until they arrive. I”m crossing my fingers that my professor posts his syllabus soon so I won’t have that stress next week!

My lab work came C – Reactive Protein was high again. Not my highest (like when I first started with no meds) but it was highest it has been since December 2011. I guess the Imuran isn’t doing the trick….hmmm! So we are going to keep my dose increased and I will go back and see her in a few months. Of course, getting used to the upped Imuran dose has not been a party. That combined with getting used to working full time again….yes you can imagine this week has been painful!

But you know ….I have seen my own strength grow! When the Fibromyalgia hits in waves during a meeting…I find something positive to think about. When my hips, ankles, knees, and hands are swollen and hurt so bad while I”m running around the office….I picture being done with school and the future. I am hoping that I can remain positive so that despite the flares and the pain…I can beat this semester with as good of grades and as positive of an attitude as last semester.

That said, I also definitely agree…it is not easy! Goodness last night..when I came home…I was in such pain I crawled in bed, slept until 9:00, woke up, showered, and went back to bed. Then this morning when I woke up..I felt as if I had been hit by a ton of bricks. I moved sooo slow today! Fibromyalgia and RA/Lupus (and many other invisible diseases) do not make life easy! They make you fight for your happiness, fight to get out of bed and smile, and sometimes even fight for the life and future that you want to have.  No living with these diseases is not easy to say the least.

However, I am here to tell you…surround yourself with friends who truly care about your success. Surround yourself by people who encourage you through pain. I have a friend, I have never seen her face, but she texts me through most days. She encourages me to stay focused, she gives me tips for pain, and she is a listening ear. I love her! The funny part is …we have never seen each other. One day..I hope to cross paths with her! Her and others have become my amazing support system! That is another key thing…create for yourself a support doesn’t have to be family and it doesn’t have to be people that are there in your neighborhood/city. But definitely have those people that you know you can reach out too when you are in a dark place. Yes, we have MANY dark days. I have many dark days but through my faith, through my strength given by God…I get through the dark days to the next one.

Last fall semester! I’m excited…and I hope I have many great things to share with you as I begin this last fall semester of my life! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the journey!


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