It is here!!!

The semester officially begins tomorrow!! WOW!! Last fall semester and first day of classes! It seems ironic…ten years have flown by….10 years ago tomorrow I was getting ready to start my first freshman classes. I remember…I started the morning with MWF 8:00 – 8:50a.m. Zoology, and then 9:00 – 9:50a.m. General Chemistry! Those two classes will forever be in my memory! I did not enjoy those classes! 😛 Probably one big reason the next semester I switched into a Business degree! 😛

Today was a good resting day! I made it to sunday school this morning, and I started my “Reclaiming your Joy” home bible study! I’m excited to see what I am going to learn. I used to love going to the church during the week for mid-week bible study but with my Wednesday night classes, work, and homework…doing a bible study at home is the best I can do! I haven’t done a home study since I did Priscilla Shriver’s Jonah study. That one was awesome! I am very much looking forward to this study.  With all the pain, the frustrations of living with RALF, and just living life in general….sometimes it is easy to forget to see joy in life.  So this study, reclaiming joy fits my needs.

I also took a spiritual gifts assessments today! I had taken the assessment a few years ago and I was interested to see how my gifts have grown or changed. Now my tops gifts are: Exhortation, Mercy, Service/Help, Administration, Faith, Apostleship, Giving, and Hospitality. These were my top five spiritual gifts. Now looking at them, I can see how these fit well within my personality. I often would say that my best gift is that of an encourager, I want people to see the good not the bad. I want people to be successful despite all that they have going on in life. Anyways, that was something fun I did today.

I also  took a NICE LONG NAP!! 🙂 I was sooo tired, that I laid down about 12:00p.m. and then woke up about 7 o’clock! I know!! I slept the afternoon away but I wanted today to be a day of rest. Knowing that I have  a full time work week starting tomorrow, and then classes on Wednesday! I’m determined to see good! I’m determined to balance things, and do well both at work and in school!

If you pray, I ask that you pray over me! I ask that you pray over several major unspoken needs! There is a lot going on in life, aside from the RALF, work, and school. And I will do the same for you!

Stay focused this week! 🙂 And I will keep sharing life through this journey! 🙂


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