Day 1

Crazy insane day number one DONE!!! WOOHOO!! It was a crazy busy day that never seemed to end…but you know it did and I made it home safe and sound. The sad news today was one of my medicine’s was denied :(….yah I wasn’t tooo happy about it . It was one medicine I was really hoping to get because my chronic fatigue has been so bad. I feel as if I have mono times 100…it is rough! I am sooo tired…and I honestly think my fatigue is not helped by working so much and getting such little sleep! 😦 But you know that is part of my life right now….makes me count down to next fall even more! At least next fall I won’t be going to class every week! 🙂

I made it home in time to crawl into bed! 🙂 Now I’m working on homework and thinking about the rest of the week! If nothing else…I hope the rain moves on! Does any one want rain??? I will be more than happy to send it to you! 🙂 I woke up to rain..and by the time I went and laid down for my nap…it was still cloudy and icky outside!

I really hope tomorrow is a bright sunny day! Back to the homework I go… I have a spreadsheet that I need to finish by the time school starts. I also have to work on my third article for my dissertation. I will be doing a systematic literature review as part of my dissertation. I am working to get the criteria (inclusion and exclusion) worked out so I know what I will be looking for. It sounds easy but it is so time consuming. But tonight, I’m working on a spreadsheet for my third study, my commonality analysis. I am looking for studies that have correlation matrices in them so I can use the data and run secondary analyses. It sound so fun right! In all honesty it is fun, I enjoy it! It is tiring though..but THANKFULLY I can do a lot of work from the house! 🙂

I hope that you have a great night! Leia and I are snuggling while I work on my spreadsheet! I am listening to Desperate Housewives (yes I know :)) in the background…and rain is coming down every so lightly! Ahhh!!

I hope you have a great evening! Many #spoons! 🙂


One thought on “Day 1

  1. I do wish you spoons also!
    I know exactly how it is to literally drag yourself in the Am to get ready for the day! Then to circulate thru the day, & come home, to flop in the bed!!
    My pain is accelerating day by day!!
    I enjoy my job but it involves physical tasks to perform!
    I have a lengthy list of Meds, ailments!
    I have no one to correlate with! Oh well.

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