Oh my goodness..the word craziness doesn’t even begin to describe the day! The good news is that I did get about a 2 hour nap!! WOOHOO! But I was left wondering how in the world I would get through the day tomorrow! Tomorrow is the FIRST CLASS DAY OF THE FALL SEMESTER!! Yes, as you have read…I am excited but nervous too!!! Tomorrow I will get up at 6:00a.m., get ready, head to work, work from 7:40ish until about 2:30ish, then I will drive the 30-45 minute drive up the interstate, rest for about an hour, begin class from 4:30-10:00p.m., and then drive the hour/hour and a half home! That is on INSANE day!!! The worst part is there is not space for a nap but I am hoping to take FULL advantage of my hour between work and school! I love that hour because I rest, de-stress, watch some netflix, etc. 🙂 It helps me get ready for the 6 hours of classes…ahhh!!

But the positive is that today I made it through! Today I woke up in prayer ready to face whatever God had in store for me. Today, I remember whispering God’s name, seeking his peace and patience! I know for a fact, I cannot do this journey alone. For me (as you have read) my faith is what helps me get through. I am trying to get a schedule of doing a home devotion, daily devotional, and some prayer time. I seem to do much better when I schedule things…so if I have to life on a schedule then  a schedule I will live on! 🙂

I’m hoping and praying that tomorrow, the first class day, goes smoothly! Trust me you will definitely hear about it!

#firstclassday, #lastfallsemester, #positivethinking, #Icandothisjourney, #onestepatatime


4 thoughts on “Craziness

  1. The power of prayer really works wonders! 🙂 I wish you the best of luck on your first day of school and that you will have the right amount of energy to get through your day.

  2. Prayers for you today! How many days a week do you have this evening class? And u r right-that is INSANE!
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