I’m still here…still, fighting!!! Today I was able to sleep in before I attacked my homework! My hubby (God Bless him) helped me edit my papers from yesterday. After I finished my third paper he helped me edit that one as well. Now I am much happier with what I have written, I am going to review the I tomorrow and the submit them. It is always sooooo hard to do the first assignment, I guess because I don’t know what they want, how they are going to grade, and usually I have been on break!!!!

These last few weeks I have not stayed on my writing/research schedule that I did in May. I actually took some time off, rested and even went on vacation! Sooo my mind is slowly catching up to the research gear! But I’m getting there!!! I am using my notepad app and writing down every night what needs done the next day. I am also trying to get on a schedule so that way hopefully my body will do better.

I’m still hurting pretty bad today, and sadly my Tylenol/naproxen combo is starting to affect my stomach. My rheumy recommended, since I’m allergic to all the vicoden/narco pain meds that I take a 1000/500 my combo of Tylenol/naproxen for pain. It doesn’t do much…but it does help bring some of the pain down. There are many times anything is appreciated.

Last thing I will share tonight, is how grateful I am that I am so blessed. I tend to follow a lot of stories on different blogs…some of the stories are so touching! A baby receiving a liver transplant, a friend whose husband just went into hospice, a baby boy who got a new heart, and a mom who lost her six week old son to cancer. So much hurt and pain! I am thankful I have precious few people I see on a regular basis who are there for me. I am thankful for the many online supporters/encouragers who have my back! Y’all are so awesome! This journey only possible through all your help! Your prayers, notes of encouragement, and posts are so helpful! Thank you to all those who take the time to message me!

Tuesday means a full work day…my Saturday since Wednesday is class day and I tend to think of it as the beginning of the week! On my schedule tomorrow is a lot of reading and working on my study 5! I’m alternating different studies with different days! I have 4 active (more like 3 but technically 4) studies…whew!! Plus I have to prepare for my conferences and a few new programs! Gosh, organization is a must! Body, you hold up have come so far…lets finish strong! #letsfinishstrong #rawontwinthisfight #keepyourchinup

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