Is it Friday yet??

YES…I just asked is it Friday yet!! 🙂 It has been one of those crazy crazy days! I am so ready for the weekend again…if nothing else to sleep some more. It was a rough day today going into work all day, then coming home and running errands, and then getting ready for homework. I laid down for a nap at 7:00p.m. and set my alarm to go off at 8:30p.m…..I woke up at 9:30p.m.! Don’t you love those days when the alarm seems worthless! I would have stayed in bed sleeping but I have so much to do!

Today my mind was swirling with thoughts of growing up…being a kid again…not having a care in the world (well maybe a few!). Do you ever let your mind go back into the past, to remember all the things you did, saw, and learned? I did that today and as I did I remembered growing up with horrible leg pains. At the time doctors said it was just growing pains…maybe it was..maybe it wasn’t. I would wake up many many nights in such pain…so much so I could not sleep and I would cry and cry wanting my body to stop hurting. I would wake up and take the purple chewable Tylenol pills, crawl back into bed, and cry myself to sleep. I thought then the pain would end when I grew up…right??? Oh if only! Then I thought back to college…the pain would hit those days that I was running all over campus. Mostly my knees…I felt like I broke them both…but I did not have insurance so I had to wait to run tests.

So much more of my past I thought about…growing up in Honduras was interesting by many people’s standards.  I enjoyed eating the “strange” food…in fact I miss it! I miss the rainy and dry seasons…yet I don’t miss the mud walls and mud floors. And I definitely don’t miss the lack of running water, hot water, or electricity!! 🙂 And I definitely do not miss the un-paved roads!! Gosh wow I remember driving on muddy muddy roads…what an experience!

The experiences of our past shape us into who we are today! And I am blessed that is for sure! Yes I do wish today I was not wracked with would be so nice to wake up with energy, no pain, and the ability to keep moving! 🙂 How nice would that be…but I have had to com to terms with the reality that it is not meant to be for me…at least not yet! One day! I am a positive thinker…one day I will not be suffering! 🙂

Overall, thinking of the past today was encouraging and fun! And I spent some time today talking with amazing friends, including a friend who was interested in serving on a humanitarian trip some where. I was able to share with her the amazing blessings of working abroad. I loved being able to travel to India for a month! As you can imagine seeing the world through the eyes of the Indian people was amazing. Then traveling to life changing! I love finding people who want to share something with people around the world and here in the United States. There is much need for many people being here and abroad. I think about the people starving in Africa…or the crisis in Haiti or Syria. There is so much physical and emotional hurt in this world! I stopped for a second today and thought….what if I lived in Haiti and I had RA/Lupus/Fibro…what if I had no medicine at all to help my pain and I was living in a shack. I am blessed! I have so much and for that I am grateful!

Positive thinking helps me see the good through the bad….and thinking about the past helps me see that I am aware of the world I live in today. Both of those things are very helpful when trying to get through some very painful days! I am hoping that the Predisone and bump in Imuran start helping me get some sense of normalcy soon!

I am attaching some pictures from my journeys…I love going back and remembering the past 🙂 Such great memories!

Picture1 310405_10150416819333919_640578918_8606128_1838719183_n 308779_10150374740910108_564120107_8955726_1804970760_n 310142_10150389029723432_504648431_8404767_1475770832_n 305459_10150416819293919_640578918_8606126_1015892692_n

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