Following through

For some reason the thought “follow through” has kept ringing in my ears. These past few weeks since school started back I have felt exhaustion like I have never felt before in my life. My pain has tripled-quandrupled (didn’t think that was possible) and I can honestly say it is probably because there is just too much going on in my life. I have decided I have to prioritize what I do, how much time I spend on things, and my rest.

I have decided that Thursday nights I have to come home from work and go to bed. I probably won’t sleep but I might. Nevertheless I have to let my body just lay in bed all night to recoup the major energy I have expended on Wednesday night. That allows me to focus more on Friday so I can get some things done.  Tonight I finished my draft research questions for both my Commonality Analysis and my System. Lit. Review! YAY! And I have some draft inclusion/exclusion criteria for the SLR.  It seems weird..I  can be sooo tired but getting into research for me is a thrill! If only I could pass that thrill on to the rest of my homework!!!

Tomorrow and Sunday I am going to be reading a book, writing a paper, preparing for a quiz, reading journal articles, and squeezing in more of my research. Plus, I have some errands and other things I need to do this weekend. One of those “important” things is some self maintenance. I am a huge proponent of taking care of yourself. For some people that might be shopping, hair, etc. for me it is getting a mani/pedi! So tomorrow while I am reading my higher education finance textbook (YES I’m not joking) I will be getting a pedicure! I have to fit it all in! Then I have to go get some new pants…and pick up some more willow bark stuff for my face. Thanks to the predisone I am break out like nothing else! 😦

But I am going to say this! Follow through! That stands out to me so much tonight because I could totally quit this doctoral program. There is no one really saying I cannot..I pay the tuition so I could very easily drop the class. But I started this…I am so close to the finish line. The last thing I want to do is quit! So i’m telling myself tonight…to follow through! To keep going and adjust and make sacrifices now so I that I finish! At least that is what Im saying tonight 🙂 #wearewarriors #wearefighters #spoonies #squeakers


2 thoughts on “Following through

  1. You can do it! 🙂 And in between your reading and writing papers, take some mini breaks to do something relaxing (like meditating or listening to relaxing music). It could help with recharging your batteries. What are you getting a doctorate’s in?

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