Poor baby

My poor little Frenchie (3.5yr. old Leia) some how or another she got into something toxic late afternoon on Monday.  I picked her up from daycare and she was fine. We came home and did small things around the house before we settled down to rest/watch T.V. I noticed about 8:30ish that Leia was not her usual hopping up and down self. I thought she was just really tired but then she did not want to eat her dinner which is not like her at all. She always wants to eat 🙂 But when she didn’t I began to wonder what was going on with her.

I sat on the couch with her and she started to shake :(. Hubby and I decided that something was off and we better take her in to the vet. We thought about waiting until 7:00a.m. but we thought that if we catch something early it might be better. So we drove Leia over to the emergency vet clinic.  When we brought her in the door she had a little burst of energy. For a second I hoped that she was just acting up and that it was going to be a short visit.

We waited a little bit before the vet finally came out to talk to us. Unfortunately it looked like Leia had gotten into something caustic, her mouth, tongue, and gums were burned :(. Poor baby! And she was running a fever. They suggested leaving her overnight since she was dehydrated, and they would start her on IV antibiotics. It was so hard to leave her 😦

We got a call about 2:30a.m., her labs came back. Her liver enzyme (one of the four liver tests they ran) was high. And they had noticed a grade 1 heart murmur on the initial exam.  I arrived back at the vet hospital about 7:30a.m. and I transported her to my vet hospital. My vet hospital kept her until about 3-4:00p.m. and then I was able to bring her home. The poor baby came home and she has slept most of yesterday afternoon/evening/night. This morning she was much perkier but still so tired. She didn’t eat very much but I hope that in a few days her appetite will resume. I know it is so hard for her to eat 😦

I was able to take two days off work, yesterday and today to watch her. I don’t think she had started a fever again this morning but I do know she isn’t comfortable. I’m hoping that she will be better by this afternoon.

So scary to watch your little furry one (she is like our kid) be sick 😦 And worse when they cannot tell you what they ate or how much they hurt. But we were so blessed. The emergency room vet and my vet were amazing, and Leia is for sure on the mend.

Off to watch the little one and prepare myself mentally for class tonight! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Poor baby

    1. We unfortuately do not know what she got into 😦 All the vet could say was that it must have been something caustic. Breaks my heart to not know because I’m afraid whatever it is she will get into it again. She is doing better tonight, she goes back to the vet in the morning Hoping soon she will be back to herself.

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