Two more classes done!

It is such a good feeling to be sitting at home on my couch on Wednesday nights .Yes I am exhausted beyond exhausted BUT the good news is that two more class periods are DONE!! WOOHOO! Next wee I do not have to drive up for class but I do have to drive up to campus for a meeting with my chair! I will totally take that πŸ™‚ I do have a paper though Β that I need to finish editing..and I have a little bit to read. 😦 I think that is another thing making this semester hard…the past few semesters I have been taking my methodology courses…lots of writing and researching which I like. This semester..both classes are heavy reading…which I personally struggle with doing. But I’m getting done. I have read two books and just need to write up the reports. Doable especially since the reports are like 2 pages. Not too bad at all. I also need to focus at least two nights of my week on my research…those two nights will be the fun nights πŸ™‚

Good news! Leia is doing better tonight…she has much more energy and is back to antagonizing the cats! Which makes me feel much better. Tomorrow she is over to the vets to get checked on and they are planning on running some more labs. She had some high liver tests at the emergency room on Monday night, I am hoping that is not the case this time. It might be and if it is we will do what we need to do for her. We also need to check her every six months for her heart mumur. Thankfully it is a grade 1 which is the lowest heart murmur grade.

And even better news! I have now booked all my hotels and travel. I am participating in two conferences way from the Houston area (one in St. Louis and one in Indianapolis) and one conference in the Houston area! Whew! Yes busy but I am really looking forward to the opportunities to network and hopefully make some friends along the way. I am representing Sam Houston at all three conferences. I am hoping I don’t do anything that would be embarrassing like tripping down the escalator (yes it has happened before).

So blessed tonight! The pain is as it always is ..present and hurting but I am more at peace now. I think maybe my body needed some time to adjust from break. This past break I actually took a break….and like anything…when you leave it alone for a bit it takes a while to run smoothly again. Plus with the new increase in hours at work that was a shock too. But I am getting into a rhythm πŸ™‚

Night πŸ™‚


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