Wow another week gone by??

Does it ever seem to you that time just flies by on the weekend??? Some week days drag on but it seems like the weekend goes in a bink of an eye. Friday was a rough day because of the rain! And boy did it and night it rained. I remember thinking around midnight-1a.m. on Saturday….how we should conduct studies on how our bodies react so horribly to the change in air pressure/rain. My ears even didn’t like the change in temperature. Although…I can say we welcomed FALL 🙂

I love the time of year when we can pull out of our boots and scarves : ) Although that reminds me that I need to get a new jacket and I hate jacket shopping .I have to be in a mood to shop for clothes. I will say I am thankful for the internet because internet shopping takes much less energy!! I never realized how draining it could be to walk from the parking lot (even from a handicap parking space) to the stores on just the first floor. Don’t even mention second floor stores! I’m exhausted on the first floor! So internet shopping is my friend 🙂

This weekend my hubby and I spent Saturday together. You have those weeks that you just want to spend together. I had worked ahead a little bit on school work so I knew a few hours together would be good. We drove around, went to the mall, shopped a little bit. And overall just had an us day. Leia is feeling much better, she stayed home watching T.V. (yes we leave the T.V. on for her) and sleeping with the other two girls. Our cats love it when we leave..we come home and both girls are curled up on the couch. They know they aren’t supposed to be there but when we are gone they know they can get away with it! Don’t you love cats!

I spent some time this week looking through my pictures of Africa and reading the news. It is so sad the incidents we have around the world. Nairobi, Kenya is a place I have always wanted to go…one day hope to go…so sad for the loss there. It makes me realize how important it is to be villigent and for us to be aware of what is going on around us.  I am hoping to get a list soon of the different trips that are coming up for World Help! I would love to go as a blogger, to share pictures and stories of the many different places that World Help goes. I remember the amazing different things we saw…from the Star School in Rwanda…to the well that we saw get opened. I mean you don’t think about it…but even water is so precious. Could you imagine walking miles for water? And think about how precious that water would be if you had to walk miles and haul it home. I think of all the water I personally enjoy – long hot showers, water to drink at my leisure, and if I want to water my lawn I certainly can do that if I would like.  But around the world, I have seen that in some places even a drop of water is precious. Puts things in perspective for me a little bit…I definitely…despite my journey and pain…have MUCH to be grateful for!

I don’t have class this week!! One of my professors is recovering from surgery and one of my professors is out of the country. I do still have to drive up to the campus to get a book and meet with my professor from my third class but that will be short. I should be home by 6ish!! YAY!! That is sooooo much better than midnight!

I’m thankful tonight…I suffered so much on Friday/Saturday…and yes even right now my shoulder feels broken, my hands, hips, knees, ankles and toes are swollen. BUT I have a happy spirit. It sounds lame…but I also think one of the hardest things is that…our pain brings an emotional sadness. I’m not sure I would say depression…but the invisible pain (to the outside world) makes me (at times) feel so isolated and sad. But tonight…I am happy because I am reaching out to someone who also feels like me! I made new friends this week that understand my journey. I am one more week through classes this week. I have food, water, a house over my head, and so much more. I am blessed…I am happy..and I am a RA/Lupus/Fibro/Sjogrens/ and Chronic Fatigue fighter! 🙂


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