Do you miss

Part of me tonight missed my old energy…maybe it is just me but I definitely miss my old energy! I miss the ability to just get up and go! I miss being able to wake up with little sleep and not almost throw up from the lack of energy! And I think I miss the days when I actually don’t feel as if I was run over by a car! 🙂  But tonight I am thankful that even though I miss my old energy I still finish a book tonight! WOOHOO! I submitted two papers tonight..I hope they were A papers. And I’m working still on getting organized. I hope to start my SLR by this weekend! HURRAY! Just fixing the little pieces …and then  I will be good to start. I like to work ahead on my homework so I can focus all my attention into my research. That makes me much happier and since a lot of my stuff is reading I’m working on getting that done so  I just have to review a bit before class.

Hugs tonight! Hang in there…despite missing our old bodies…I hope we can all grow to do great things in our new bodies! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Do you miss

  1. That’s great that you were able to finish a book and submitted two papers! That’s definitely something worth celebrating! 🙂 As for our old bodies–it’s like caterpillars turning into butterflies. We shed out of our old bodies with the former energy we used to have and we transform into something new. Despite not having as much energy, it’s just a matter of adapting and embracing the newness.

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