It is so fun

I know this sounds weird but it is soo fun to spend time researching on the Library online. Random right! I remember in college I would spend large portions of my evenings down in the first floor of the library copying articles to read when I get home. There is something magical about writing a research question…aimed at filling a gap in current literature. Then to go and search for what is out there so I know what my study needs to be (my qual project) or to take previous literature and extend them even more with quantitative analysis (my RG and CA studies). Now I am embarking on a new study and so far I love it.

I love taking and digging into the 23,500 article hits that I am finding to see what others have found out about my topic. I have to narrow, work down the key words, read abstracts, and when the right study is found read it and see what they determined. I can now read an entire journal article and understand it. I remember in college I tended to skip the whole method section mostly because I couldn’t understand the statistics. Now I see an analysis and I remember what was done! I love it!

I find this energizes my studying…this part of school I can do for days. The hard part for me is to sit down and read a book like I need to do tonight. Granted the book is very interesting but still! I have to get it done 🙂 Part of me hopes that I can get a job in the future that helps me stay current in my research area..I am working on a list of projects that I want to get started on. It would be cool to work my way up to being an expert in my field. 🙂 One day….a dream right!

Good luck with your evening! I hope that your pain/flares ease! I know that doing anything with our diseases is rough but hang in there! Whether you are at home watching t.v., hanging out with your friends and family, surfing the internet for websites like this, or doing the many other things we humans can find to do…I hope your pain does not stop you! I know for me, my pain slows me down yes…it brings me to tears many days (especially last night as I was up most of the night) but it does not stop me! I won’t let it stop me…I have to many dreams. And I find my dreams are so fun! 🙂


6 thoughts on “It is so fun

  1. From your headings I take it that you do have quite a lot of pain and might like to follow my blog and give me some suggestions from time to time. I’m blogging a book I wrote that is out of print although Amazon has a few copies advertised. At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being.

  2. I love this post. Back before life became so busy, I could spend hours researching something of interest. I miss those days! I like what you said about now understanding stats, that is cool.

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