A Night of Thinking

Much has gone on today…I could not help but let myself think back about the future and the past. As you  can see below I’m attaching Africa pictures. When I went to Rwanda..I saw so much pain and hurt. From standing next to mass graves were thousands of unnamed bodies were buried to talking with children who were the only survivors of  their entire family.  It was a life changing experience…but one for good. Having grown up in a third world country, I have a very vivid reality of the lack of food and water around the world. But going to Africa really concreted it in my mind how for some people in some places of the world…a simple drop of water costs them so much energy and time.

I guess being aware of the world around us is a major step. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with World Help. They focus on the many needs, specifically the needs of children around the world. I hope one day to go back to Africa and maybe the Middle East. I would love to go to Haiti and Asia…I have decided that no matter how crazy my life gets…I want to make sure I stop and be thankful for the many blessings I have in my life. From the basics of food/water/home…to being able to obtain an education!

Despite the pain tonight I can say thank you God for my blessings!


P.S. if you scroll down you will see a few pictures from the trip in Rwanda. Yes the buildings blown out during the genocide are still there. As the people say…if we don’t see the impact of the past…we will make the same mistakes again the future. How true is that…we have seen the past come back again in the future. Awareness is critical!


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4 thoughts on “A Night of Thinking

  1. You sound like such a loving, kind and caring person. We need more people like you in this world. I’m loving, kind and caring, but unable due to all my chronic illnesses. I really admire people like you and it breaks my heart to see anyone, especially children living like this.
    Peace 🙂

    1. That has been one of the hardest things about my illnesses is because it does make it so hard to serve. I used to do hospice care but I cannot to it all anymore. But I do have such a passion for helping people

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