Thankful for the small things

One re-occurring thought this weekend was “thankfulness.” A dear friend of mine from graduate school is losing her husband. Both are veterans, my friend’s husband served multiple tours in the Middle East, on his last tour he came home sick. It took some time but doctors determined that he developed some rare liver disease. Over the past year or so I have been on the sidelines watching my loving friend put her wedding vows into action, she has cared for him, loved him, supported him, and now is waiting to let him go. It breaks my heart that she is losing her partner. I remember when they both went on a two week cruise to celebrate their last wedding anniversary before he deployed again.

Sometimes we can get to a place where we take our spouse for granted. We take what they do, their health, and what they bring into our lives for granted. And we should not do that. I find myself sometimes doing that, because I can hang out with my husband tomorrow…over over Christmas break because he will be there right! Well…what if he isn’t…how will I feel if I (and hopefully I don’t ) but if I lose my husband having pushed time with him as not my top priority. We must take advantage of spending quality time with our spouses/partners/lovers/children and family! That is a must!

Like I was telling someone today…yes research must be done…papers must be written…books read…etc. BUT time with my husband should also happen. This weekend we are going out of town for his first KSW Tournament! I’m excited to be there and support him and next weekend I will watching him test for his next belt before I head to my first conference of the semester! From now until the end of the semester, every weekend will be packed with either travel or personal things. BUT that’s ok! I’m thankful for my husband and for the opportunities that my school has given me.

I am blessed and thankful, I was awarded TWO travel scholarships to attend two seperate conferences! WOW! And this begins my second Barbara Jackson award year so I will be going for a third conference. I just submitted applications for a research intensive program, to attend a graduate policy seminary, and am working on an application for a two day intensive pre-faculty institute. Lots going on in my life! And that doesn’t even count the homework/papers/research. That said, I am thankful! I talked to a doctoral student today whose institution has not supported her to attend a conference…I’m so blessed to have received funds to travel to three conferences last year, and three just in this semester. I will have two more at least in the spring! WOW! #blessed!

All that said..there is no greatness to one person…I am a hard worker..despite the Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Sjogrens! Those suck yes they do but I am here and doing all of this because of the MANY people who have encouraged me to keep going on the dark days. From kind posts on Facebook, to Tweets, to texts, to messages, to emails, and even responses on here. I am here and pushing through not because of me but because I have people behind me! Yes I am #thankful

I am very thankful especially for my husband and as my heart aches for my friend…I pray that as her husband leaves this earth..that we remember how amazing he was and all the good he did. I pray for her heart to heal with time, for her friends to carry her through the grief that she is dealing with now and the grief that will come once her love passes to the other side. Say a prayer for her, I know she would appreciate it!

#thankful #blessed #speechless


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