When there is loss in our lives..we realize the value of what we do have. As I think about my dear friend who lost her husband only days ago…I realize since her call I have spent a lot of time thinking about what is really valuable in this world. I also think about how our world has so much pain…you know my passion is humanitarian needs. I think of the kids I saw in Africa who were hungry…I think of the kids in this country desperately waiting for a new home. I was adopted so I have a passion too to maybe on day bring home a baby and raise him/her as my own.  Sometimes I think we get so busy with our lives, at least I know I do, that in a way I appreciate those moments in life where I am able to stop and be….reflective.

I found myself going to my organization’s website (World and I saw this link where they talked about what they are doing to help the children of Syria ( You know those poor children..imagine what they have seen…what they have their current life of today will affect their life of tomorrow. I think of that and then I think back to my own beginning. I would not trade growing up in Honduras for the world..I saw a new side of life (very early in my life) that has helped shape me into the woman I am today.

I was talking to a mentor of mine yesterday, we were discussing my future in the doctoral program and beyond and I was telling her how overwhelming it is to apply for some of these program. How you see “out of 300 only 20 get in” or something like that…and you wonder “am I good enough for this” and “does a rejection mean I’m not good.” And many other thoughts…but then she stopped me and said “you have the HONOR of applying”….she said “you have the privilege and honor of being ABLE to even submit your application.”

I stopped and thought about that…how right she was! I think back to being a kid…living in a mud house…with no electricity. If things had not worked out for me to take my SAT’s and get into college….there is not way I would be apply for exclusive fellowships. There is no way I would be a Barbara Jackson scholar…and much more. I have to not see things that I might not get accepted for as being a loss but instead I have to see them as being a gain. I gained experience through the application process…and I had the HONOR of applying. I love the change in mind-set!

Such great thinking this week…although I am sad that thinking was brought on by a lost. I know that things happen that we might not understand. I had so hoped and prayed that my friend’s husband would make it…but it wasn’t to be. Now I will be her friend as she heals, as she grieves, and as she starts a new chapter in her life.

I’m praying that tonight I start to feel better. There has been a crud going around and tonight I started a sore throat and sneezing. I’m hoping that airborne and zinc will help me kick it…..I would love to not have to see a doctor! I have many friends and friends children that are sick…but (as I am sure everyone can say) I am too busy to be sick! 😛

Continuing on…fighting on…living on!

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