Weekend Time Flies

Weekend time flies by, it always happens 🙂 There is nothing new these past few days, I worked on homework, worked on editing, and then worked on running analysis for my research. It is all so fun and I enjoy it. Part of me has to learn to stop and take breaks, I always feel so guilty not stopping and resting but then I also know that my body needs it too.

Part of handling RA/Lupus/Fibro and the rest is learning to live a balanced life.  Part of that balance I am learning is to eat right, exercise, and rest! I think the hardest part for a long time, or at least the part that got most of my attention, was the rest part. I worked hard to learn the tell-tale signs of when I needed rest. Now I am much more in tune with my body, I can read my body better when it comes to knowing..hey I need a nap or ….I need to sleep and not do homework because I will get more done in the days to come. It was hard a first, there were weeks I pushed myself to do homework every night. But then I realized I am much more refreshed when I have at least one homework free night a week…..a night where I rest…veg out. and let my mind rest. Then there are days I try and do homework and I get to the point where I come to the quick realization that I need to sleep and pick up my homework after I have rested.

I am doing better at managing what I eat. It is a battle, I won’t lie I have a major sweet tooth! But then the third thing I am working on is developing a good exercise habit. It is hard because of the pain but I am going to try and walk in small increments every couple of nights. I think that will help and hopefully my knees will do better.  One thing that will hopefully help me stay on that goal is that my hubby and I signed up for a 5k Walk! 🙂 I’m excited! It is for a good cause, Leukemia/Lymphoma (http://pages.lightthenight.org/txg/Woodland13/JTucker) awareness. I hope to find a RA, Lupus, or Fibro walk next year. That would be awesome.

Most things in life take a lot of work but I’m happy that through the work I have put into my life thus far…I am seeing great things. Both personally and academically and that is amazing. I am looking forward to see what else might happen in the days/weeks to come.  I hope we all have a great nights’s rest and start to a new week!

I’m going to hopefully “enjoy” this slow week…next week (starting Saturday) will be intensely crazy!!!!


One thought on “Weekend Time Flies

  1. That’s great that you’re doing a 5k walk! I would love to participate in one for fibro. However, I would need to get my body in better shape (as in how far I can walk without feeling like collapsing, lol). Good luck! 🙂

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