And then

And then just like that Monday is over!! What a day it was….a busy work day has its positives…in that the day flies by! One second it was 9:00a.m. and the next second it was 2:00p.m. I love that! Although it means things are crazy busy but I would rather be busy that to feel as if the day is dragging by. And my day was perked up by an email, I am a finalist for the David L. Clark Scholar award. I have to write a proposal and abstract that is due by November 1st. This is in conjunction with a second project I am working on. I was so excited…the Lord knows where I will end up, I know where I hope to be..but ultimately I know that I have to be patient and trust in the Lord.

Not only to I have those projects, but I am also going to a conference this weekend. Stay tuned for pictures and updates. I will be meeting one of my favorite authors of student engagement! Woohoo! But I will have a lot of work to do…I just got a handful of thick articles to ready by Sunday and my case study competition group will be sending me articles by Thursday that I need to read too! Whew!! I’m thankful I am a little bit ahead in my classes..that will save me some stress! I have all my papers but one for the month of October done. I have done all my reading, I just need to look things over. I am going to ask my professor about my last paper for his class (minus the huge final project).  I would love to have all my papers done before the month of November. With all I have going on, I want to be as ahead on homework as possible. This will allow me to split my time on those secondary projects (like the Clark application) and my doctoral research.

Good news, I was able to run my second commonality analysis! It was so nice to have things go smoother this time. Yes, the second time you are more prepared. The first time to run major analysis are  rough! Now I have to tear apart my old paper, and work in this new article. Lots of work but it will be good. I have a 2500 word max paper due on it by November…the good news is I am on schedule to get a really good study done by the time I have to defend.

Sounds like a fun life right! Well I will say…hubby and I enjoyed some us time this weekend. It was nice to spend Saturday away from the computer and the books. There are other things in life as important as my research/homework and that is my hubby and my pets. They need attention too…although as I write…my Frenchie is sleeping (no snoring) right next to me.

I’m thankful for my awesome hubby…nearly 8 years ago to this day he asked me to be his girlfriend! Wow what a day that was 🙂 Things were so different then…sometimes I wish I could turn the clock back…then again I have accomplished so much.

I’m thankful for my faculty and all their support. It is nice to have a great department, a department that wants you to learn and be successful. #lmblessed!

Off to rest some before calling it for the night! Rest well….many spoons! And have a fantastic Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “And then

  1. Great Job! Proud of you for being nominated for the David L. Clark scholar award How are you able to due all of this mentally taxing stuff? There are some days when I can’t even concentrate enough to read blogs or write for my own blog. is there some trick you use?

    1. Awwww thank you! You know I wish I could say there was, there are nights like last night I knew I needed to write my draft teaching Phil and Cover letter. I knew it needed done but there were a few hours I couldn’t even move I was so tired. So I let myself veg, watch some tv, and them one sentence at a time it got on paper. I don’t move fast at all, one reason I push to stay ahead is because I know I’m going to need the time to move at my pace. There are days though I just go nope not going to happen and I go and sleep some, get up and try again. And some nights in deep pain I just focus on graduation and know if I don’t crawl (sometimes literally) to my office and work then ill never graduate. And here recently I’ve moved my office to my bed. My night stand is my office desk. It is more comfortable and less painful than sitting in my office chair.

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