27 years

Twenty seven years of life I have lived! It is odd to think about it …it seems to me that time just flies. I remember being a kid growing up in Honduras…I dreamed of being 25…that was when life was supposed to be perfect.

The many things I dreamed about being….police officer, military officer (yes I wanted to be a Lt. Colonel by the time I was 30), JAG lawyer,  trauma doctor, and finally an academic doctor.  What a journey right! Growing up in Honduras…I saw so many amazing things. I saw what happens to live through a category 5 hurricane and I know well what it is like to live with out electricity. I know what it is like to have to drive 8-12 hours for groceries…to hike for hours to find a village. I know what it is like to work in life and death situations..I have seen poverty, I have seen struggles, and I have seen resilience.  Looking back on my childhood…I would not want to trade what I had growing up…because it has definitely contributed to who I am today.

I always get so contemplative as I age…mostly because…you only live life once! Scary..but true…and I wonder…am I doing something with my life? Am I contributing something to this world? When I die….what will people remember about me…will  I leave a legacy? Growing up I also said…if I can change ONE person’s life for better….then I know i have made an impact in this world. Part of me still believes that and another part of me goes..I want to change the life of more than one.

Now as I am working on my 10th year of higher education..I do hope this knowledge passes through me to change the life another person. Either through reading my journal articles…from sitting in my class…or from developing a one-on-one relationship with me. I  believe I can still change a life for good.

That said…there are many times I wonder what I am doing for good. I spend so much time in pain…so much time so exhausted…I remember one time thinking…I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibomyalgia, Sjogrens, and major Chronic Fatigue…how can I do anything for anybody else? But then I realized…doing something for someone else can be a simple text message, a prayer, a word of encouragement, or even a hug.

We forget how SMALL things can make BIG impacts in the lives of other people. We forget that one word can really change someone’s life. We forget how easy it is to send a “I’m thinking of you” text message or email. We don’t even remember how AMAZING it feels to get a note in the mail. Touch someone’s life today…it is my legal day of getting older. I challenge you to take today and do something for someone in your life…a simple text…a hug…a word of encouragement…something to make a POSITIVE impact on someone’s life.  I will also do that and I will share when I post next 🙂 Let’s keep a positive chain of encouragement going.

11 thoughts on “27 years

  1. An amazing life! An amazing accomplishment! a wonderful outlook to pass a long. In the past I bought postcards with nice pictures on them and mailed them randomly and anonymously to people.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday…being a blessing to others. My wish for you is a long healthy life, because I know you will continue to have a positive impact on the lives you touch . Happy birthday!

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